Toomey: Let Others Fund The Government, I’d Rather Play Politics

As the Republican Senate majority has been driving the country to the brink of another government shutdown, Senator Pat Toomey joined in the partisan obstructionism and voted against a bill to stop the government from shutting down over Planned Parenthood. In response to a slew of negative headlines following the vote, Toomey told one local outlet:

“… It is now apparent that the government will not shut down, so the question before the Senate is whether taxpayers should be forced to fund Planned Parenthood’s outrageous extremist practices. I voted against that, and I am instead in favor of shifting Planned Parenthood’s funding over to health centers that provide essential services to women in need.”

To translate – Toomey believes that if others are working to keep the government open, he is free to continue launching politicized attacks on women’s health.

Since officially launching his reelection bid a few weeks ago, Toomey has tried to run from his extreme record, but he’s now changing his tune and admitting that he plans to leave responsible governing to others while he continues playing politics with women’s health.

“Senator Toomey’s vote to shut down the government was shameful, but his excuse for his vote is just outrageous,” said Sadie Weiner, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Pat Toomey thinks he can leave responsible governing to others while he takes every opportunity he can get to score political points, even if that means careening towards a government shutdown. Pennsylvanians deserve better than a Senator like Pat Toomey who is willing to openly play politics with the most basic responsibilities of his job.”

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