Trump Calls Congressmen Barletta & Kelly’s Healthcare Plan “Mean”

***Similar releases were sent to Missouri, North Dakota, Nevada and Florida***

A report from the Washington Post reveals that President Donald Trump called the healthcare bill that Congressmen Kelly and Barletta voted for “mean.”

In response, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“It’s a rare moment when we agree with Donald Trump, but he’s right: Congressmen Kelly and Barletta’s health care plan would increase premiums by 20 percent, slash coverage for pre-existing conditions and impose an age tax that would make older Pennsylvanians pay five times more for care — all to give big insurance companies another taxpayer funded handout. The Senate’s bill is just as bad and it’s unfortunate the President failed to join the AARP, the American Medical Association and other health care groups to condemn the legislation before Congressmen Kelly and Barletta voted to spike costs and strip coverage for hardworking Americans.”


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