UPDATE DSCC Expands Ad on Republican Tax Scam: “Mailbox”

As Republicans continue to jam their deeply unpopular tax scam through Congress, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is expanding its initial buy for the new ad “Mailbox,” highlighting how Republicans will raise taxes on hardworking, middle-class Americans so that corporations and billionaires get a big tax break. The expanded digital buy will target voters in Arizona, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

From David Bergstein, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman: “This weekend showed us that Republicans will do almost anything to push through their tax scheme that hurts middle-class Americans in order to benefit their wealthy and corporate donors. Not only are they selling out hardworking Americans with their bill by making them pay more, but they’re lying to their constituents about the bill’s lasting effects. Poll after poll has shown that this bill is deeply unpopular with voters, and the DSCC is committed to ensuring voters know who is responsible when their taxes go up.”


DSCC Launches NEW Ad on Republican Tax Scheme: “Mailbox

Spot features individual learning how the Republican proposal will increase their taxes in order to benefit the wealthy and well-connected.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee today launched a new television ad on the GOP tax scheme, “Mailbox,” highlighting how the Republican plan “would cut taxes of [the] wealthy and increase taxes on families earning less than $75,000.”

The spot features individuals learning how the Republican’s agenda will increase their taxes and make the middle class pay more in order to benefit the wealthy and well-connected – highlighting specific and popular tax deductions like state and local taxes, student loan interest, and medical expenses that will be eliminated. The ad will initially run online as a part of an ongoing six-figure digital buy.

“Washington Republicans are so determined to put more money in the pockets of the wealthy and the well-connected that they’re willing to raise taxes on hard working Americans on everything from medical expenses to student loans,” said DSCC Chairman Senator Chris Van Hollen. “These wrong and self-serving priorities are guaranteed to turn off voters of every political persuasion, and every GOP Senate candidate will be held accountable for their toxic and unpopular tax scam.”



Individual #1 reading letter: Dear Ms. Young, we regret to inform you that your tax bill is going up.

Individual #2, reading letter: Dear Mr. Roth, you can no longer deduct your state and local taxes.

Announcer: The Republican tax scheme gives huge breaks to corporations, but raises taxes on middle class families.

Individual #3, reading email: You can no longer deduct the interests on student loans.

Individual #4, reading letter: Your deduction for medical expenses has been eliminated.

Announcer: How much will the Republican tax scam cost you?

Previously, the DSCC released a health care specific spot, “The Price,” highlighting how the GOP’s agenda will increase health care costs and slash coverage for hardworking families.


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