VIDEO: Arizona Local News Chide McCain: Questionable Donations to McCain Institute “Not a Laughing Matter”

John McCain may be cracking jokes and cutting off questions about the donations the McCain Institute for International Leadership received from the Saudi Arabian government, but Arizona news outlets are highlighting the severity of the issue.



“Senator John McCain cracking jokes today at a town hall meeting but it was quickly not a laughing matter for the Senator. This, after he was questioned about a one million dollar donation made to the John McCain Institute from a Middle Eastern government.”


KTVK: “Laws prevent foreign governments from donating to political campaigns. Some critics say donating to a non-profit group like this is a way to skirt those rules and buy influence.”

KPHO: “The story published by Bloomberg Politics points out that there are links between McCain’s Senate campaign and the non-profit.”

“Saudi Arabia’s donations to the McCain Institute are a serious issue, and Senator John McCain should be treating it as such,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “McCain needs to be honest with Arizonans because they deserve some answers on how these donations could be impacting Senator McCain.”

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