A Vote For Readler Is A Vote To Slash Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions

As the Senate prepares to vote on Chad Readler’s nomination to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“A vote for Mr. Readler is a vote to slash coverage for pre-existing conditions and to make health care even more expensive for hard working Americans. The Republicans who support his nomination learned nothing from the shellacking their party suffered during the midterms and they continue to set the stage for their own defeat in 2020.”

In his capacity as assistant attorney general, Readler supported the GOP’s health care lawsuit that would make coverage for pre-existing conditions unconstitutional. Recent polling from the Kaiser Health Family Foundation found that Americans oppose this Republican lawsuit by 10 points and a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released this week found a majority of Americans believe the GOP’s health care agenda is “out of the mainstream.”



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