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Gabe Gomez Campaign: Access To Women’s Contraception – “Inside Baseball”

Gabe Gomez Campaign: Access To Women’s Contraception – “Inside Baseball”

Throughout Campaign, Gomez Has Refused To Even Read 8 Page Blunt Amendment

Just hours before tonight’s debate in #masen, Gabriel Gomez’s spokesman called women’s access to contraception “inside baseball” in a Twitter exchange with Markey’s campaign’s spokesman.


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Gabriel Gomez has shown he is in lockstep with national Republicans on women’s health issues. Gomez says that he's willing to support justices for the Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade, and has spent weeks refusing to support women's access to contraception and reproductive health.


“It’s one thing for Gabriel Gomez to be out of step with Massachusetts voters on women’s issues and then care so little about women’s health that he refuses to even read an 8 page amendment, but to go as far as likening such an important issue to ‘inside baseball’ is offensive, and demands an immediate apology,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Justin Barasky. “The more Massachusetts voters learn about Gabriel Gomez, the clearer it is that he’s just another Republican committed to electing Mitch McConnell majority leader and obstructing President Obama’s agenda.”