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GOP SHUTDOWN WATCH: Steve Daines Opposes His Own Legislation, Instead Wants To Prolong Government Shutdown

GOP SHUTDOWN WATCH: Steve Daines Opposes His Own Legislation, Instead Wants To Prolong Government Shutdown

Steve Daines: Partisanship, irresponsibility that is causing the government shutdown and hurting Montana

Despite three of Montana’s major newspapers calling on Steve Daines to end his reckless government shutdown that’s hurting so many Montanans, Daines is irresponsibly doing everything he can to make sure the reckless Republican government shutdown continues no matter how dire the consequences are for Montana.

In fact, Daines is so thoroughly wedded to his partisan political shutdown that he opposes a vote on his own legislation that he proposed just a few months ago.

Earlier this year Daines signed on to the “Government Shutdown Prevention Act,” which would keep the government open if Congress failed to pass a budget. Now, with Democrats circulating a petition to force a vote on that very bill in an effort to end the shutdown, Daines is unwilling to break free from Ted Cruz and the Tea Party, and opposes using his own bill as a way to end the shutdown, calling it a “political gimmick.”

Because of Steve Daines 6,000 Montanans are furloughed without pay. The Veterans Administration’s backlog for serving Montana veterans is getting worse. Crucial tourism revenue lost because Yellowstone and Glacier national parks are closed. Health clinics serving women and children may have to shut down. And 49 Farm Service offices that serve Montana farmers and ranchers are closed.

“Washington insider Steve Daines should be ashamed. Not only has he failed Montana on the farm bill and student loans, now he’s failing Montanans by continuing a reckless and irresponsible government shutdown,” said Justin Barasky, a spokesman at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “Steve Daines is ignoring the pleas of Montana and continues voting to block an end to the government shutdown. Montanans deserve leaders who put them first, not partisans like Steve Daines, who continues to champion a reckless agenda that has devastating consequences for Montana’s economy, veterans, and farmers.”

While reckless Republicans like Steve Daines led the way towards a government shutdown, Democrats repeatedly warned of the devastating consequences a government shutdown would have on the economy and worked diligently to prevent such an occurrence. Now that the GOP has taken reckless and irresponsible steps to shut down the government,  Democrats will hold Republicans accountable for their reckless government shutdown and the fact they blatantly ignored the danger their actions pose to the country.

The  DSCC’s “GOP Shutdown Watch” campaign highlights Republican Senate candidates across the country who were behind the push for a government shutdown and the devastating consequences it will have on voters in their home states. The DSCC’s sustained campaign will feature web-ads, online ads, Twitter and Facebook, and up to the minute “GOP Shutdown Watch” news alerts, highlighting the latest developments in the Republican government shutdown.


Daines “Sticking With GOP Majority in the House, Refusing To Support Up-Or-Down Vote On A Short Term Budget Resolution to Reopen The Full Federal Government.”  According to the Billings Gazette, “The standoff in the nation’s capital also has escalated to a debate over raising the country’s debt ceiling, needed to avoid defaulting on U.S. debts. U.S. Rep. Steve Daines — Montana’s only House member — is sticking with the GOP majority in the House, refusing to support an up-or-down vote on a short-term budget resolution to reopen the full federal government.”  [Billings Gazette, 10/8/13]

Five Times, Daines Voted For Extreme House Republican Plans That Would Shut Down Government. [Vote #478, 9/20/13; CNN, 9/20/13; CNN, 9/29/13; Vote #498, 9/29/13; Vote 502, 9/30/13; Vote 504, 9/30/13; Vote 505, 10/1/13]

Three Times, Daines Blocked Clean Vote to Re-Open the Government. [Vote #512, 10/2/13; TPM, 10/2/13; Vote #515, 10/3/13; Vote #517, 10/3/13]