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Mitch McConnell Should Apologize

Mitch McConnell Should Apologize

DSCC Statement on McConnell’s Use Of Taxpayer-Funded Legislative Aides For Campaign Opposition Research

According to an audio tape of a meeting between Senator Mitch McConnell and his official and campaign staff, Senator McConnell is using taxpayer-funded legislative aides to do opposition research for his reelection campaign and is insulting millions of Americans who suffer from depression.  DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil released the following statement calling on Senator McConnell to apologize:

"Mitch McConnell is desperate to play the victim. The DSCC doesn't know if this tape came from a disgruntled Senate staffer who was forced to dig up dirt on their boss' potential opponents or another source, but its content is a clear example of how Mitch McConnell is the living, breathing embodiment of everything that is wrong with Washington. It is beneath the office of Minority Leader to engage in this kind of trivial politics. He should apologize to the millions of Americans who suffer from depression and don't believe it’s a laughing matter."