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After a long career as a distinguished leader for Michigan and on behalf of our men and women in uniform, Senator Carl Levin announced he will retire from the Senate at the end of his term in 2014. Rep. Gary Peters has the right background as a businessman, veteran, and proven independent voice for Michigan middle class families and small businesses to carry on Senator Carl Levin’s legacy in the U.S. Senate. Peters knows what it takes to win tough races and is a strong campaigner. He was the first Democrat to hold a swing district in Michigan in more than a century in 2008, held the seat in 2010, and won a difficult primary to represent a minority majority district after redistricting. The Koch brothers and other super PACs have dumped millions into the race, but at least seven straight polls have shown Peters in the lead. Michigan trends Democratic and re-elected Senator Stabenow and President Obama by wide margins in 2012. Peters has taken this race seriously since day one. Peters just announced his best quarter yet, raising nearly $2 million.


In November, Peters will face former Republican National Committeewoman Terri Lynn Land. Land backs the Koch agenda that’s good for billionaires like the Kochs but hurts Michigan’s middle class. She supports ending guaranteed benefits like Medicare and Social Security while giving tax breaks to billionaires, opposes equal pay, and supports the "Akin" plank that restricts access to women's health care and bans abortion without exceptions. Recently, Land has come under fire for attempting to distance herself from her family business, Land & Company, despite the fact public records paint a clear connection of Land’s close relationship to the company that has evicted at least 170 families and bulldozed homes in the community she grew up in to build her family fortune.


Key Facts

Departing Senator: Carl Levin

Democratic Candidate: Congressman Gary Peters 

Republican Candidate: TBD