VIDEO: Trump Headwinds Give Vulnerable Republican Senators Anxiety

GOP incumbents had reason to worry for their political futures even before toxic presidential frontrunners took control over their party, but as Chris Matthews put it last night on MSNBC: “Trump headwinds are giving anxiety to Republican senators up for reelection.”

WATCH the segment here:



Here are some highlights from the segment:

Matthews: “Every day it looks more likely Trump could well be the man at the top of the ticket next summer. Trump headwinds are giving anxiety to Republican senators up for re-election… Here’s why these senators are very nervous about Trump in 2016. According to NBC News Mark Murray, in the 40 senate seats since 2004 rated by the Cook political report as either a toss-up or a lean race, 32 times or 80 percent of the time, the senate contest went the same way as the presidential contest did in the same state.”

David Drucker (Washington Examiner): “You’re looking at Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, all states that have gone Democratic in recent years and this is where the battle for Senate control is going to be fought. Clearly, the top of the ticket could have strong coat tails and that’s why Trump is a huge liability for Republicans and why down ballot Republicans, if they’re going to be candid, they’re really scared…In a state [Nevada] where 20 percent of the electorate in 2016 could be Hispanic if not more, that’s very ethnically diverse, they’re worried all the Republican cred they’ve built up over the past couple of years could be for nothing with Trump at the top.”

Robert Costa (Washington Post): “The campaigns think it’s definitely a possibility that the party is going to move in a different direction, not an electable direction that’s going to help all these vulnerable senators.”

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