WATCH: Democrats “Looking Really Good For Taking The Senate Back”

After Roll Call chronicled Democrats’ major recruiting successes in states across the map last week, Rachel Maddow ran a segment on MSNBC noting that Senate Democrats have positioned themselves to win back the majority in 2016. Maddow highlighted Democrats’ success in securing strong candidates in Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Florida.



“As catastrophically bad as things are for Republicans, things are actually kind of good right now in Washington for Democrats…

“In the next election, Democrats are looking really good for taking the Senate back for the Democratic Party.”

“On top of those two structural advantages they’ve got, the Democrats have also done really really good work this year at getting the candidates who they want to run.”

“That’s a huge number of states in which they’re getting their number one candidate…”

“The Democrats have gotten everything they want to set up next year’s election in all of these states, and this never happens…”

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