Ahead of Trump’s Iowa Rally, New Stories Highlight How He Could “Cost GOP the Senate”

Ahead of President Trump’s rally in Iowa this weekend, two new stories today highlight how Trump has spent the cycle escalating GOP Senate primaries and creating major headaches for Republicans who now fear that the intraparty fighting could “splinter the party”:

  • The Associated Pressreports that Trump’s involvement in contested primaries is “contributing to anxiety among some Republicans who worry that Trump is lending his powerful political backing only to those who flatter his ego” and is endorsing candidates who will “struggle in the general election.”
  • POLITICO Playbookdetailed concerns that the “endorsement-happy Trump” could “cost [the] GOP the Senate” as he hand picks “seriously flawed” candidates in key races.

Here’s the latest on the latest on how Trump is making GOP primaries worse across the map:

  • In Arizona, Blake Masters’ super PAC is up on air attacking Mark Brnovich for his insufficient loyalty to Trump –– and Brnovich has come under pressure from Trump himself over the phony and fraudulent election audit.
  • In Pennsylvania, after Trump endorsed Sean Parnell, Jeff Bartos and Parnell have “gone nuclear on one another:” Bartos “slammed” Parnell over his domestic violence allegations and an outside super PAC supporting Bartos spent six figures on an ad campaign over the past allegations –– worrying Republicans that the super PACs’ intraparty attacks “threaten to elevate damaging stories” about GOP candidates and hamper their chances in this critical battleground.

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