Ahead of Women’s March, Republicans’ Attacks on Roe v. Wade “On The Ballot” in 2022

Ahead of this weekend’s national Women’s March focused on reproductive health care, a series of reports and columns from the past week highlight how Republicans’ attacks on women’s reproductive health care and the GOP’s efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade will be a central focus of Senate races in 2022. 

Read more about how abortion is “hitting [the] midterm stage”:

  • The Hill: Republican candidates tack toward right on abortion. “The Texas abortion law has provided Democrats with ample opportunity to go on the offensive against their Republican opponents, painting them as extreme ahead of general elections. ‘In key Senate battleground states, Democrats will be reminding voters of the stakes in next year’s election, why we must defend a Democratic Senate majority with the power to confirm or reject Supreme Court justices — and why we must hold every GOP senate candidate accountable for their attacks on women and families,’ said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokeswoman Jazmin Vargas.”
  • Bloomberg: Abortion Rights Hitting Midterm Stage as Democrats Push on Issue. “Democrats say abortion could be a decisive issue in Senate races in New Hampshire, Nevada, and beyond that will decide which party controls the chamber…Democrats are pushing a national message on abortion, according to Jazmin Vargas, spokeswoman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. ‘The freedom for women to make our own health care decisions is on the ballot in 2022 and in key Senate battleground states,’ Vargas said in an email. 
  • FL – The Palm Beach Post (Opinion): Commentary: Sen. Rubio and Florida Republicans should leave Roe alone. “Marco Rubio has been campaigning since the 2000’s on a platform of banning abortion and making contraceptive care more difficult to access. In the Senate, he’s made it his mission to support extremist judges who share his view that the constitutional right to abortion is a ‘catastrophe’ and should be abolished…The midterm elections are the chance for Floridians to show Marco Rubio and Florida Republicans up and down the ballot that undermining our rights is a fireable offense.”
  • NH – InDepth NH (Opinion): The Legislature Must Repeal Governor Sununu’s Abortion Ban. “Chris Sununu’s decade-long anti-choice record is why the same threat to abortion access that is playing out in Texas exists here in New Hampshire…Chris Sununu’s record alone, from his support of anti-choice judges to casting the deciding vote to defund Planned Parenthood when he was on the Executive Council, is cause for serious concern about the future of access to abortion and reproductive health care.” 

See also: The Hill: Texas abortion law creates 2022 headache for GOP; AJC: OPINION: Texas decision puts abortion at center of Georgia 2022 races, too;  News & Observer: Texas law, Supreme Court cases push abortion into spotlight for 2022 NC elections; USA Today: Texas abortion law could hurt Republicans in 2022 midterm elections, experts say; The Hill: Democrats, Planned Parenthood say reproductive health care is on 2022 ballot; Bloomberg: GOP-Led Abortion Bans Risk Driving Away Voters the Party Needs; The Atlantic: What the Texas Abortion Law Means for the Midterms; The Hill (Opinion): Press: Texas hands Democrats a great big gift; Axios: Democrats’ next moves after a stunning SCOTUS loss on abortion; Newsweek: Republicans Are Not Celebrating the Texas Abortion Law. Here’s Why; CNN: Opinion: The GOP’s Texas-sized mistake on abortion; Washington Post: Analysis | Abortion, voting rights, guns and covid: Texas Republicans go all in; Roll Call: Democrats say Texas abortion ban spotlights Senate battle in 2022; MSNBC: Texas abortion ban reverberates from White House to state houses; NBC News: Texas law could flip script on abortion politics, with Democrats eyeing gains; New York Times: Abortion Arrives at the Center of the American Political Maelstrom; Washington Post: ​​Texas abortion law reshapes political landscape; Reuters: Analysis: Texas abortion ban injects new urgency into U.S. election campaigns; Los Angeles Times: How the Supreme Court Texas abortion ruling may impact midterms; The Hill: Democrats point to Texas abortion ban in bid to juice midterm turnout; Washington Post: Analysis | The Trailer: Why Democrats want to talk about Texas’s abortion law (and Republicans don’t).


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