Cruz Supports Lawsuit Against Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

Oral arguments in lawsuit that could strip pre-existing conditions coverage for 4,536,000 Texans begin today

Oral arguments in the GOP lawsuit to strip pre-existing conditions coverage for 4,536,000 Texans begin today and Senator Ted Cruz is still supporting it. The lawsuit would to make the health care law’s individual mandate unconstitutional, axing protections for pre-existing conditions coverage and skyrocketing health care costs.

Senator Cruz “thinks it’s “reasonable” to argue ACA’s pre-existing conditions rules are now unconstitutional,” but the 27 percent of Texans with a pre-existing condition will likely disagree.

In June, the Justice Department decided it would not defend the health care law against a lawsuit by Republican attorneys general intended to sabotage health care for Americans. Now, nearly three months later, as their lawsuit is being heard by a federal judge, Senate Republicans candidates like Cruz are scrambling to rewrite their history as they face a backlash from voters.

“By backing this lawsuit, Senator Cruz is sending a clear message to voters that he does not want to protect pre-existing conditions protections and cannot be trusted to stand up for Texans,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein. “Health care is a top issue for voters who want a senator that will stand up for their interests – and Senator Cruz has failed that test by spearheading a toxic agenda to raise costs and cut health coverage.”



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