Days Later, Senate Republicans Have Yet to Speak Out Against President Trump’s Disrespect Towards American Troops

While Republicans in the Senate have still failed to speak out against President Trump’s ongoing pattern of “disparaging military service,” Democratic Senate candidates – including six military veterans – are standing up to defend the sacrifices of the men and women who have served our country in the Armed Forces.

Last week, a devastating report from The Atlantic – confirmed by numerous media outlets including AP and Fox News – detailed how President Trump has denigrated Americans who died in military service as “losers” and “suckers” and even wanted wounded veterans kept out of military parades. This insulting rhetoric is consistent with Trump’s “long history” of previous comments disparaging military service and attacking prisoners of war, including the late Senator John McCain.

Days later, Senate Republicans have STILL not spoken out against President Trump’s disrespect towards American troops. While Democrats are standing up for the patriotic veterans Trump dismisses as “losers” and “suckers,” vulnerable Republicans in the Senate have once again refused to hold him accountable, declined to reject his remarks, and failed a basic test of leadership.


AZ – Navy combat veteran Mark Kelly said: “The president’s words about Senator McCain have always said far more about his own character than the Senator’s… We remember him as a hero.” Meanwhile, unelected Senator Martha McSally issued a weak statement that refused to condemn the president’s attacks on Senator McCain and other veterans and service members. President Trump attacked Senator McCain again yesterday, and Kelly has called McSally out for failing to stand up to the president’s “disgraceful” comments.

KY – Marine combat veteran Amy McGrath said that America deserves a Commander-in-Chief “who, at the very least, respects the Americans who put their life on the line for us, and certainly those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been silent on Trump’s disrespect for American troops.

LA – Army combat veteran Adrian Perkins issued a statement demanding “leaders at every level of government… always remember the fallen,” like the men and women he served alongside in Iraq and Afghanistan who didn’t come home. Senator Bill Cassidy has been predictably silent on Trump’s disrespect for American troops.

MI – Navy Reserve veteran Senator Gary Peters made clear that the president speaking less of soldiers who gave their lives in service to this nation “is nothing short of despicable.” Failed politician John James has been “silent” on Trump’s disrespect for American troops, and he still has “yet to respond” to requests for comment from local news stations in Michigan.

NC – Army veteran Cal Cunningham, who continues to serve in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel with an Army Reserve unit at Fort Bragg, called the comments “indefensible and offensive to all those who served and their families” and condemned Senator Thom Tillis for his silence.

TX – Air Force combat veteran MJ Hegar, who was shot down while on her third tour in Afghanistan, denounced the president for thinking the friends she lost and soldiers she medevaced were “suckers” and described Trump as “unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.” Senator John Cornyn has tweeted about sunrises, New York City restaurants, and more but has so far been silent on Trump’s disrespect for American troops.


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