Democratic Strategist Antjuan Seawright Emphasizes Importance of AZ and WI Senate Races to Expanding Democratic Senate Majority

Ahead of the Arizona U.S. Senate Primary, Democratic strategist and CBS News political contributor Antjuan Seawright joined Keepin’ It Real With Rev. Al Sharpton on SiriusXM Urban View to discuss the Democrats’ strong Senate campaigns and flawed Republican candidates in Arizona and across the country.

Keepin’ It Real with Reverend Al Sharpton
August 1, 2022

Key Points:

  • In Arizona, you have a MAGA extreme right-wing Republican primary taking place to determine who’s going to take on our incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Kelly. Truth be told when you look at the type of candidates running, and the policies and positions they take, whether it’s not willing to accept election results, whether it’s really trying to flirt, cuddle, and play footsie with the Trump agenda, which we know will send communities that look like ours full steam backward when it comes to the progress we made.
  • In Wisconsin, where we have a tremendous opportunity. We can safely assume that our candidate, an African American gentleman who is the current Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, Mandela Barnes, is safely assumed as the nominee and so we have to make sure we pay attention to that race, because that could be a critical race in us getting to 50 plus in the United States Senate.
  • Those two races are where Democrats, and particularly the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, are making some serious investments early to engage voters of color to make certain that it’s not just a week or a month before the election that we show up in churches, show up at barbershops, beauty salon, and spades tables, and try to engage with black voters. They’re making some serious investments early and those two states are so important.
  • I feel cautiously optimistic about our opportunities but we also can’t take anything for granted. I think highlighting the extreme policies and positions of the other side, meaning the Republican candidates, is critically important so people can be educated and aware of who we are running against in these elections.


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