Democrats Call Out Senate Republicans For Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling, Jeopardizing Social Security & Millions of American Jobs

In response to Senate Republicans’ unanimous vote against raising the debt ceiling, Democrats are holding Republican incumbents accountable for their vote that jeopardizes millions of jobs, social security payments, and risks plunging the U.S. into a recession:

  • In Florida, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus L. Dixon slammed Marco Rubio for putting the entire U.S. economy at risk and voting against funding for essential government programs Floridians rely on including hurricane relief, flood insurance, and more:

    “Marco Rubio is sending a clear message to Floridians with this vote: scoring political points is more important to him than protecting their finances, jobs, and savings. Rubio happily voted to grow the national debt and give away tax cuts to corporations and wealthy people that don’t need it. Now when working families across Florida need him, he is passing us the bill to pay for his self-serving political games.” 
  • In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Democrats called out vulnerable incumbent Ron Johnson for once again putting political games ahead of Wisconsinites’ best interests:

    “Instead of doing what is best for Wisconsin and the country, Senator Johnson is adding to the dysfunction and divisiveness in DC by playing self-serving political games. It’s simple: Wisconsinites elected Senator Johnson to do a job and by refusing to fund the government he is failing to do that job. Johnson’s political games have real life consequences for the Wisconsinites he is supposed to serve, but he couldn’t care less because it won’t be him suffering.”
  • And the DSCC criticized Senate Republicans for unanimously voting against raising the debt ceiling, jeopardizing Social Security payments and millions of American jobs:

    “Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are playing dangerous political games with Americans’ lives and putting our economy in jeopardy. Despite voting to raise the debt ceiling under President Trump, Senate Republicans would rather risk millions of jobs and seniors’ Social Security payments than work with Democrats to protect America’s economy. If they continue down this path GOP Senate candidates will own the horrific consequences of defaulting on America’s full faith and credit — and voters will hold them accountable in 2022.” 


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