Deutch on CNN: Scott “Got Stinging Rebuke In Court” For False Voter Fraud Claims

Congressman Deutch: “our governor…went out of his way to raise the specter of fraud that doesn’t exist rather than making sure that every valid vote counts

Last night on CNN”s Anderson Cooper 360 Florida Congressman Ted Deutch highlighted how a Florida court delivered Rick Scott a “stinging rebuke” over his false claims of voter fraud, spoke about Scott’s long history of voter suppression and concluded that Scott doesn’t want to count every legal ballot because “he’s worried he might lose because he’s seen his lead shrink by close to 80%.

Key points from Congressman Deutch:

  • “Our governor, who happens to be a candidate, which is an enormous problem, went out of his way to raise the specter of fraud that doesn’t exist rather than making sure that every valid vote counts.”

  • “He got a stinging rebuke in court when the judge said you can’t use your state police to seize these voting machines in the middle of the recount process.”

  • “Throughout his entire tenure as Governor, has gone out of his way to try to suppress the vote.”

  • “They are doing it because they are worried. He’s worried he might lose because he’s seen his lead shrink by close to 80%.

WATCH Rep. Deutch On Scott’s “Stinging Rebuke” Over False Voter Fraud Claims

Read more about Scott’s false claims of voter fraud:

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Orlando Sentinel: Critics blast Rick Scott’s roles as governor, candidate [Orlando Sentinel, 11/12/18]

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Associated Press Headline: “Florida Judge Sees No Evidence Of Vote-Counting Fraud In Broward County.” [Associated Press, 11/12/18]

Washington Examiner Headline: “Florida Elections Observers Find No Evidence Of Criminal Activity In Broward County Despite Rick Scott’s Fraud Claims.” [Washington Examiner, 11/10/18]

Orlando Weekly: “Without Citing Evidence, Donald Trump And Rick Scott Keep Claiming There’s Voter Fraud In Florida.” [Orlando Weekly, 11/12/18]

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Palm Beach Post: “Florida Election: Aronberg Says No Evidence Of Voter Fraud.” [Palm Beach Post, 11/10/18]

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HuffPost Headline: “Chris Cuomo Rips Rick Scott Adviser: There’s Not A ‘Damn Bit Of Proof’ Of Voter Fraud.” [HuffPost, 11/13/18]





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