DSCC Chair Catherine Cortez Masto: Election Results Are Latest Red Flags for GOP

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chair Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto issued the following statement on the election results: 

“We saw last night in Kentucky, Virginia and races across the country what happens when strong candidates run campaigns focused on health care and the issues that matter most to voters: Democrats win. The results are the latest red flags for Senate Republicans, who are already losing support in their states and struggling to raise the resources they need. As independent and suburban voters again broke against their candidates, Republicans will have to find a better strategy than hoping President Trump will carry them over the finish line.”

Earlier this week, the DSCC released a memo outlining the early trendlines emerging across the Senate landscape signal how Democrats are increasingly well positioned to win key races in 2020 while Republicans face their “nightmare scenario.” Read this memo online here.


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