DSCC Congratulates Jon Ossoff on Advancing to the General Election in Georgia Senate Race

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, issued the following statement congratulating Jon Ossoff on advancing to the general election in Georgia’s Senate race against vulnerable incumbent Senator David Perdue:

“Jon Ossoff’s inspiring campaign is rooted in Georgia’s priorities, fueled by grassroots energy and committed to fighting against political corruption in Washington. Jon is focused on the issues that matter to hardworking Georgians like tackling systemic economic and racial inequality, strengthening our health care system and lowering costs, and getting big money out of our elections. Georgia Democrats are poised to build off their historic gains and win this competitive battleground. We are proud to support Jon in this race. 

“As part of our work toward November, we must address and correct the widespread voting issues to ensure that every eligible Georgian is able to cast their ballot in the general election.”

Jon Ossoff is a Georgia native, a former national security aide for Congressman Hank Johnson, and the CEO of a media production company that investigates crime and corruption for international news organizations. The momentum is on Democrats’ side to win this race: Jon outraised Senator David Perdue in the pre-primary fundraising period, a slew of recent polls have found the race is now a dead heat, and the nonpartisan Cook Political Report recently upgraded the race in Democrats’ direction. Even Senator Perdue has admitted “the state of Georgia is in play” because of Democratic enthusiasm.

Senator Perdue will now face growing scrutiny for his toxic record in Washington: endorsing the dangerous lawsuit that would “erase” health care protections for pre-existing conditions, skipping a hearing on military families to attend an event with big donors, pushing a tax scam for the ultra-wealthy through Congress expected to benefit millionaires like himself, downplaying the risks of COVID-19, prioritizing his personal stock portfolio over preparing the public during a deadly pandemic, and being fined $30,000 over federal election law violations.


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