BACK IN THE SADDLE – DSCC CHAIR GARY PETERS TOUTS SENATE DEMOCRATS FROM HIS HARLEY. While Rick Scott took heat from all sides after he left his party’s struggling Senate campaigns high-and-dry to vacation on a yacht in Italy, DSCC Chair Senator Gary Peters “sees 52 Senate seats from his Harley Davidson.”

  • Axios: Peters sees 52 Senate seats from his Harley Davidson. Riding through upper Michigan on his Harley Davidson this week, Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) surveyed Trump country and gamed out his own party’s chances in November. Democrats, he concluded, can still think bigger than holding the Senate — with a chance to expand their claim to 52 seats.”
  • MSNBC Morning Joe (WATCH): Sen. Peters: “We have a very clear contrast in the election. Voters are going to go in the fall and know that there is a choice between people who are trying to make the world a better place and to help Americans with the struggles that they have in everyday life, and Republicans who are basically not willing to do that, and, as you mentioned, take away fundamental rights from women when it comes to reproductive freedom with incredibly extreme positions that I think will be soundly rejected by the American people.”

BETTER CHECK THE BANANA STAND – CASH STRAPPED NRSC HAS REPUBLICANS CONCERNED AS TENSIONS RISE. The NRSC’s money woes have led to “a full-blown case of finger-pointing” among Republicans, as Rick Scott and Mitch McConnell continue to have more infighting than the Bluth family.

  • The New York Times: How a Record Cash Haul Vanished for Senate Republicans. “A full-blown case of finger-pointing has erupted across Washington, with Mr. Scott a prime target. His handling of the committee’s finances has become conflated with other critiques, especially a flawed field of Republicans who have found themselves outspent on television.”

NEW DSCC AD CALLS OUT LAXALT’S ANTI-CHOICE RECORD. The DSCC launched its first general election television ad against Adam Laxalt, Historic.” The spot highlights how Laxalt opposes Nevada women having the right to make their own health care decisions: he called the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade a “historic victory,” and said Roe v. Wade was a “joke.”

 WATCH: “Historic

  • The Hill: Senate Democrats target Laxalt on abortion rights stance in new ad. “Senate Democrats’ campaign arm on Tuesday released its first general election television ad targeting Adam Laxalt in Nevada, slamming the Republican Senate nominee for his abortion stance. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) said the ad, titled ‘Historic,’ is part of its $8.4 million ad reservation in Nevada this fall.”

👀ICYMI: Daily Beast: Nevada Republican Can’t Raise Money and Won’t Shut Up About It

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE? QUACK DOCTOR OZ CONTINUES TO SHOW HE HAS THE WRONG PRESCRIPTION FOR PA. We already knew that Oz is a quack doctor who will do and say anything to help himself. Now, new reports confirmed that Oz is the wrong prescription for PA, revealing that he “said uninsured Americans have no ‘right to health,’” and “owns shares of companies that supply hydroxychloroquine, a drug he has backed as a Covid treatment.”  The American Independent also reported on Oz praising Turkey’s Erdoğan… and when asked about incest, Oz declared “it’s not a big problem.”

DSCC MOBILE BILLBOARD HIGHLIGHTS NASTY PRIMARY ATTACKS OUTSIDE OF MCCORMICK-OZ EVENT. Ahead of David McCormick and Mehmet Oz’s joint event, the DSCC launched a mobile billboard to remind Pennsylvania voters of the vicious attacks from McCormick during their contentious Republican primary – a feud that was more contentious than Chris Pine and Harry Styles.

WORST COLLEGE ROOMMATE EVER – IN OLD EMAILS MASTERS DEFENDED 9/11 CONSPIRACIES, TOLD PEOPLE DON’T VOTE.  A new HuffPost report featuring previously unreported emails highlighted Blake Masters’ long history of promoting dangerous ideas, including defending a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, calling America ‘fascist,’ and encouraging people not to vote.

  • Mother Jones: Newly Uncovered Emails Show Blake Masters’ Long History of Hating Democracy. “On Election Day in 2005, then–Stanford sophomore Blake Masters sent two emails to the listserv of his vegetarian co-op. In the first, Masters, now the Republican Senate candidate in Arizona, urged classmates to read an article about a California ballot measure ‘[i]f you must worship that miserably peculiar American diety [sic] called Democracy.’ In the second, he put together a reading list that could have easily served as a crash course in anti-democratic libertarianism.”

EVEN RON JOHNSON DOESN’T LIKE RON JOHNSON – TRIES TO “SQUIRM” FROM HIS OWN RECORD. Ron Johnson is at it again, this week making headlines for asking “What elected official would ever want to cut Social Security?” when the answer is none other than himself. Johnson has also faced scrutiny for saying he would not vote to protect Wisconsinites freedom to marry who they love, despite previously claiming he would back the legislation.

CAROLINA BLUES – BUDD TAKES HEAT AS STRUGGLING CAMPAIGN “HAS REPUBLICANS WORRIED.” It has been a brutal week for Ted Budd, as a wave of negative press coverage scrutinized his troubling record for North Carolina farmers and law enforcement. Even Republicans are “concerned that Budd is not doing enough to court independent voters.”

  • Fayetteville Observer: Former Hoke sheriff: Budd has not stood with law enforcement; Beasley will. “That’s not Ted Budd. On the campaign trail, I’ve watched him try to tout his support for law enforcement, but voters should know that his voting record tells a different story. During his time in Congress, Budd voted against billions of dollars in funding for law enforcement.”

FINDING THE WRONG BALANCE: ABORTION BAN SUPPORTER JOE O’DEA WANTS TO BRING “BALANCE TO WOMEN’S RIGHTS.” In a new development in the Colorado Senate race, GOP Senate candidate Joe O’Dea said the quiet part out loud and told 9News in an interview that he wants to go to the Senate to bring “balance to women’s rights.” Watch HERE.

ICYMI → HuffPost: Democrats Make A Play To Win Over Seniors, Long A Base For GOP. “Democrats in key races around the country are making an aggressive push for older voters, a key bloc in lower-turnout midterm elections, citing both their own work to lower prescription drug costs and hammering the GOP for suggesting changes to Social Security.”


→ Senate Democrats Like Mark Kelly Boost American Manufacturing And Jobs. The Arizona Republic highlighted how Senate Democrats’ CHIPs legislation “could be a boon” for state’s like Arizona, where Mark Kelly continues to fight to lower costs and create more good-paying jobs.


AZ – Arizona Republic (Opinion): No governor endorsement can save Blake Masters from a Pima County judge. “No amount of soap and water applied to his website will erase the fact that Masters called for a national abortion ban… Maybe he could next seek an endorsement from Mr. Clean?”

FL – Orlando Sentinel (Opinion): Rubio betrays his immigrant roots to court MAGA base. “What hurts most is seeing Rubio betray his immigrant roots and turn completely anti-immigrant as a means to court Trump’s MAGA base.”

GA – WGXA: Senator Raphael Warnock introduces new bill that could lower gas prices…for good.“With Georgia’s cost at the pump averaging at around $3.32 per gallon, Senator Raphael Warnock is part of a group leading an effort to do something about it.”

WI – Cap Times (Opinion): Mandela Barnes will defend union jobs, communities.Mandela Barnes will defend union jobs, communities…Johnson’s casual disregard for those loss of 1,000 high-wage jobs rankled Barnes. Noting that the workers in Oshkosh are members of the United Auto Workers, just like his father, the Wisconsin Democrat said.”


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