PUTTING LIPSTICK ON A PIG – GOP SENATE CANDIDATES CAN’T HIDE FROM THEIR UNPOPULAR AGENDA. New reporting this week from The Daily Beast and Yahoo! News highlighted how Republican Senate candidates have a deeply out-of-step agenda: they are continually grabbing the “third rail” with their calls to upend Social Security and Medicare, and they cannot hide from their extreme “abortion and Trump connections” – learning the hard way that “the Internet lives forever.”’

  • Yahoo! News: Social Security: Republicans keep wading into the ‘third rail of American politics’. “Social Security has become a predictable talking point for Democrats heading into the midterms, but some Republicans have also been surprisingly eager to engage on the hot-button topic. While many GOP leaders have tried to stay mum on the so-called “third rail of American politics,” other Republican figures have waded in.”

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT – DSCC BLANKETING SUNDAY NEWSPAPERS WITH ADS HITTING GOP ABORTION BAN. On Sunday, voters in battleground Senate states across the country will open their newspaper to full-page ads slamming GOP Senate candidates for standing in lockstep with their party’s plan to ban abortion nationwide.

NO CRYSTAL FLUTE, BUT FOR MASTERS THE TRUTH HURTS – INDEPENDENTS SOUR AS HE CONTINUES TO TURN OFF VOTERS. The New York Times reported that “more than half of independents had a negative view of Mr. Masters” – quoting voters calling him a “flip-flopper” and saying “I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.” It’s no surprise Masters is turning off voters, as he once again made brutal headlines after telling “a female cop the gender pay gap is a myth.”

STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH – SENATOR MARK KELLY USES MASTERS’ OWN ANTI-CHOICE WORDS AGAINST HIM IN NEW AD. The ad comes after a judge in Arizona’s Pima County Superior Court issued a ruling to reinstate a 158 year old law outlawing nearly all abortion and criminalizing doctors – exactly the kind of ban that Masters wants.


  • Washington Post: Take a look: Sen. Kelly ad hits Blake Masters on abortion. “Days after an Arizona judge reinstated a near total ban on abortions in the state, Sen. Mark Kelly (D) released a new television ad hitting his Trump-backed Republican challenger, Blake Masters, for supporting a similar policy.”  

LAXALT ATTACKS LAW ENFORCEMENT, SAYS THE FBI IS “FAR TOO POLITICAL.” Reports are highlighting how Adam Laxalt is attacking law enforcement – telling NBC News he “refused to support the FBI” – while new reporting revealed he “took donation from accused arms smuggler.

BIG TENT – NEVADA VETERANS, REPUBLICANS CONTINUE TO SUPPORT SENATOR CATHERINE CORTEZ MASTO. Nevada veterans and Republicans are rallying around Senator Catherine Cortez Masto because they know she is a champion for the Silver State. The Cortez Masto campaign also released a new television ad highlighting her fight to protect a woman’s right to choose.

  • Elko Daily (Opinion): Local veterans advocate voting for Cortez Masto. “It’s not easy to trust politicians when they say they’ll fight for you until they prove it. Catherine Cortez Masto has proven over and over again that she cares about Veterans and our wellbeing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, whether you voted for her in the last election or not, Catherine Cortez Masto is looking out for Veterans.”


A WICKED BAD WEEK FOR BOLDUC – REPUBLICAN SLAMMED OVER COMMENTS ON MEDICARE AS DEMOCRATS USE HIS “OWN WORDS AGAINST HIM.” Bolduc continued to fumble this week as he was slammed for supporting the end of Medicare and Social Security, and continued to flop like a fish-out-of-water on election denial.

  • WMUR – (WATCH): “At a town hall, he is on video saying that if he gets his way, and again this is a quote, we no longer have Social Security,’ Hassan said. ‘Last month, he told Granite Staters at a town hall that we need to get the government — and this is a quote — ‘out of Medicare’ and called privatizing Medicare ‘hugely important.'”

TO THE RIGHT, TO THE RIGHT – HERSCHEL WALKER “MOVES FURTHER RIGHT” AS HE EMBRACES NATIONAL ABORTION BAN, JAN 6 RIOTER. Walker came under fire this week for moving “further right” as he embraces out-of-touch positions like a national abortion ban. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also reported that Herschel Walker “recently listed a woman who was arrested in March on charges of participating in the Jan. 6, 2021” as one of his campaign’s “county captains.”

  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: The Jolt: Herschel Walker moves further right in search of conservative votes. “Not long ago, Herschel Walker’s campaign was full of talk about bipartisanship and unity. His campaign tour is even dubbed the “Unite Georgia” bus tour. But as he faces a lingering gap in support among some conservatives, the Republican Senate hopeful is racing to emphasize more hard-right positions.”
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: Activist charged in Jan. 6 attack is among Herschel Walker’s campaign ‘captains. “The former football star’s campaign included Mandy Robinson-Hand in an August press release that named dozens of other grassroots supporters. Robinson-Hand, the chairwoman of Taylor County’s GOP, was listed as a campaign “captain” for the rural Middle Georgia county. Robinson-Hand and her husband, Charles Hand III, were arrested about 14 months after supporters of then-President Donald Trump staged the insurrection at the Capitol.“

NORTH CAROLINIANS RALEIGH AGAINST BUDD. The problems continue to pile up for Budd: local outlets are slamming him for standing with Trump’s racist comment at his rally in Wilmington, Jezebel reported that his gun store “advertises insurance for domestic abusers,” and he continues to dodge questions about whether he will accept the 2022 election results.

  • Triad City Beat (Editorial): Donald Trump, Ted Budd and the N-word. “This is Budd’s game plan: a race to the bottom. Budd has unapologetically reaffirmed his alliance with the disgraced former president, even as other candidates have backed off amid mounting lawsuits, the Congressional investigation and growing distaste for the man who believes he can declassify documents just by thinking about them.”
  • Politics NC: Trump and the N-word. “You certainly won’t see Budd criticizing Trump for baiting his audience. You won’t even see him disavow the people in the audience who shouted out the racial slur because, you know, MAGA will be MAGA. It’s just some harmless fun.”

FETTERMAN KNOWS WOMEN JUST WANT TO HAVE (FUN)DAMENTAL RIGHTS. Pennsylvania women are fired up to back John Fetterman’s campaign as he fights for a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.

  • CNN: We fought for this right, dammit’: Pennsylvania women motivated by abortion rights rally behind Fetterman. “Spurred to action by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in June, these women – especially those who fought for the right to an abortion before Roe was decided in 1973 – wanted it known they are angry, motivated and ready for a fight. They have helped boost Fetterman’s campaign as the Democratic candidate recovers from his stroke, powering his candidacy against Republican Mehmet Oz in one of the most closely watched Senate races in the country.”

WHAT A YEAR RON JOHNSON’S WEEK HAS BEEN. Some say all press is good press – but for Ron Johnson, a wave of brutal news coverage is highlighting how he “embraces controversy,” “is facing another ethics complaint,” has misled voters about his alleged bipartisanship, and is stuck resorting to “lies and hatred.”

  • Associated Press: Wisconsin’s Johnson embraces controversy in reelection bid. “Johnson, a former plastics manufacturer, is a millionaire several times over. Barnes, the state’s lieutenant governor and potentially the state’s first Black senator, has championed his modest upbringing in Milwaukee as the child of a public school teacher and a United Auto Workers member.”
  • Cap Times (Opinion): Lies and hatred are all Ron Johnson has left. “There is no calculator powerful enough to tote up all the lies that Ron Johnson has told during the course of a political career that, from its very beginning, has sought to deceive the voters of Wisconsin into electing and reelecting a self-serving millionaire whose only real purpose in the U.S. Senate has been to enrich himself and his campaign donors.”

CO REPUBLICAN SUPPORTED ABORTION BAN, IS RIPPED FOR SPENDING HYPOCRISY.  A new report from Colorado Newsline reveals that O’Dea has benefited from more than $400 million in government contracts – even as he “crusades against” government spending. It was also revealed by the Colorado Sun that O’Dea supported a Colorado abortion ban, signing a petition to get it on the ballot in Colorado in 2020.

In typical Marco Rubio fashion a bombshell report from Salon revealed that Rubio appointed his “longtime friend” and campaign donor to an adversary committee despite having no qualifications for that position.

→ ICYMI: The Root: Democrats Are Betting On Black Voters To Help Hold the Senate. “‘The midterm election will decide the future of our country, and in Senate battleground states Democrats are working to meet this moment with early investments to reach Black voters in the most comprehensive and effective ways,’ said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Gary Peters.”


→ Senators Warnock, Cortez Masto Fight On Behalf Of Veterans & Tribal Communities. Senate Democrats like Senator Warnock and Cortez Masto are working hard to address working families’ most pressing priorities like lowering costs, supporting our veterans, and boosting the economy.


GA – Atlanta Journal Constitution (Opinion): Campaign notebook: A sermon on the trail from U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock. “‘I’m here because I support all that he has stood for and all that he stands for, as far as civil rights, as far as humanity,’ she said.”

NH – Seacoast Online: Hassan vs. Bolduc: Why Democrats in NH are focused on abortion. What do voters think?“The Democrats who spoke in Portsmouth last week said Hassan has consistently supported abortion rights, while her GOP challenger, Bolduc, a retired Army brigadier general, has consistently opposed those rights and would continue to do so if voters send him to Washington.”

WI – Cap Times: Mandela Barnes launching statewide tour focused on abortion policy. “Mandela Barnes is hitting the road — again. The lieutenant governor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate on Saturday will kick off a statewide tour in Green Bay aimed at ‘holding Ron Johnson accountable for his record of working to rip away Wisconsinites’ ability to access abortion,’ his campaign told the Cap Times.’”


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