1. DSCC CHAIR SEN. GARY PETERS TELLS MSNBC’S ANDREA MITCHELL: “WE’RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO HOLD OUR MAJORITY.” DSCC Chair Senator Gary Peters joined MSNBC Reports with Andrea Mitchell to highlight the “clear contrast between quality, strong Democratic candidates and, quite frankly, incredibly damaged and inferior candidates on the Republican side” – which is setting the stage for Democrats to protect and expand our Senate majority.

  • MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports (WATCH): Sen. Peters: “And I believe the messages that our candidates have been able to get out are very clear: this election is a choice. This is a clear contrast between quality, strong Democratic candidates and, quite frankly, incredibly damaged and inferior candidates on the Republican side. And ultimately, we will be successful as a result of that.”

2. IN PENNSYLVANIA, OPRAH IS BACKING FETTERMAN & BUCKING OZ. Oprah Winfrey – the woman who introduced Oz to the TV spotlight – is throwing her support behind Fetterman.

  • TODAY: Oprah Winfrey announces her support for Dr. Oz opponent, John Fetterman. “During the tail end of her conversation, Winfrey announced her support of Democrat John Fetterman, who is running for Senate against Republican Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania. She noted that there are ‘many reasons’ why she was putting her support behind Fetterman over the celebrity doctor.

3. IN GEORGIA, HERSCHEL WALKER IS TRYING HIS HAND AT DODGEBALL – DUCKING THE PRESS AS HIS LIES AND DISTURBING CONDUCT MOUNT. Walker is “dodging questions” after a second woman came forward this week accusing him of paying her to have an abortion – and saying “I felt threatened and I thought I had no choice.

  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: The Jolt: Herschel Walker sidesteps media as abortion allegations mount. “With more personal allegations mounting against him, GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker seems to have returned to his ‘velvet rope’ strategy on the campaign trail — holding large public events, but dodging questions from all but the friendliest conservative media outlets.”

4. IN NEVADA, LAXALT REMINDS VOTERS YOU ARE THE COMPANY YOU KEEP – HEADLINES BLAST HIS CAMPAIGN FOR PAYING AN ANTISEMITE. Voters are reading a wave of news coverage is highlighting how Laxalt hired a staffer with an extensive record of antisemitism to boost his Senate campaign. Laxalt’s staffer called Jewish people a “cult” and likened abortion to the Holocaust.

  • Las Vegas Review Journal: Former Laxalt staffer made antisemitic remarks. “Pecjak, as first reported by Jewish Insider, tweeted comments on a Laxalt-fan account linked to himself denigrating Jewish people and other groups. In response to a user who tweeted on Oct. 4, ‘Anti semitism check: Type ‘the Jews are’ and let your phone fill in the rest’ Pecjak responded, ‘The Jews are not a religious sect and are a cult.’”

5. IN WISCONSIN, THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL GOES DEEP ON HOW RON JOHNSON IS ONLY OUT FOR ONE PERSON: HIMSELF.  A new report from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel details how Johnson used his political power to benefit his family’s wealth.


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