DSCC Launches 1st General Election Advertising Campaign Against Blake Masters

Today the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is launching its first general election advertising campaign against Blake Masters. The television, digital, and radio spots highlight how Masters is not like normal Arizonans – he has dangerous beliefs and plans that are deeply out of step with the state’s values and would be harmful to Arizona’s families.

The advertisements are part of the DSCC’s previously announced $33 million independent expenditure reservation.

The following ads will begin reaching Arizona voters today:

  • World,” a Spanish language radio ad.

Walk Away


Announcer: What do we know about Blake Masters? Watch for yourself.
Masters: Maybe we should privatize Social Security, right? Private retirement accounts.

Announcer: That’s right. Masters would cut taxes for billionaires.
Announcer: And to pay for it? He wanted to cut our Social Security and privatize it…

Announcer: gambling our life savings on the stock market. And Masters saw nothing wrong with it.
Masters: We’ve gotta cut the knot at some point.
Announcer: It’s time we cut the knot on Blake Masters.

His Own Words


Masters: I think Roe v. Wade needs to be repealed, yesterday.
Masters: The federal government needs to step in.
OAN Anchor:  Bans all abortions. Would you support a similar statue on a national level?
Masters: Yea.
Masters: It’s a religious sacrifice to these people. I think it’s demonic.


Transcript (English Translation):

Announcer: What world is Blake Masters living in? A world that favors the rich, at our expense.
Announcer: While we work hard and play by the rules to try and get some breathing room, Blake Masters would hand out tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires.”
Announcer: And to pay for it? Masters said he wanted to cut and privatize our Social Security… the benefits we’ve worked hard for all of our lives with every paycheck.”
Announcer: That’s right. Masters wanted to take our life savings and gamble it on the stock market…
Announcer: …letting the big banks make even more.
Announcer: Tax cuts for billionaires, at our expense? That’s Blake Masters’ world… but we don’t have to live in it.


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