ACA SUPPORT HITS RECORD HIGH AS REPUBLICANS RUSH TO FILL SCOTUS VACANCY WITH ANTI-HEALTH CARE NOMINEE. New Morning Consult polling confirms what we’ve been saying: health care is front and center on the ballot this November. The poll found that “a record-high 62% of voters support the Affordable Care Act” and 59% of Independents support the health care law, an increase of 9 points in the last six months. Republican incumbents and candidates support or refuse to oppose the GOP-lawsuit to strike down the law, and are on the record in favor of gutting these core health care protections. As they rush to fill a lifetime Supreme Court appointment with a nominee hostile to the Affordable Care Act just weeks before Election Day, Senate Republicans will be held accountable for pushing a deeply unpopular anti-health care agenda. Morning Consult: Obamacare Support Hits Record High as Supreme Court Faces Ideological Shift

REDUCING PROTECTIONS FOR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS IS THE “KEY FEATURE” OF GOP HEALTH CARE PLAN. A deep dive by Atlantic columnist Ronald Brownstein on Republicans’ health care plan finds that “reducing protections for patients with greater health needs isn’t a bug in the GOP plans; it’s a key feature.” As Republicans desperately try to paper over their toxic records on health care by introducing sham bills, Brownstein found that “none of these initiatives will protect patients with preexisting health needs nearly as effectively as the ACA does.” The election year attempts to mislead voters fall far short of protecting pre-existing conditions “because the GOP plans still allow insurers to treat them differently from healthy patients, sometimes overtly and sometimes more subtly.” The Atlantic: Why Trump Has No Real Health-Care Plan

NEW REPORT: REPUBLICAN ADS MISLEAD ON HEALTH CARE USING SHADY SPECIAL INTEREST-FUNDED STUDY. A new Open Secrets report exposes how a web of Mitch McConnell-linked outside groups are “mirroring industry talking points” from corporate special interest groups in their misleading ads in battleground Senate races where vulnerable GOP incumbents are struggling to defend their health care records, including Arizona, Iowa, North Carolina, Montana, and Alaska. These ads all claim that a public option would cause widespread rural hospital closures, citing the same 2019 “industry-backed study” sponsored by Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, “a group funded by several of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington” in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and which is spending big in battleground states through Election Day to attack a public option. Senate Republicans can’t defend their own toxic records, so they have resorted to using a bogus and speculative report to misleadingly attack Democrats across the country. Open Secrets: GOP groups, healthcare industry attack Democrats’ public option

IT’S BEEN TWO MONTHS SINCE SENATE GOP LET EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE EXPIRE. Senate Republicans let emergency unemployment relief expire two months ago, leaving millions of Americans without the critical lifeline that has allowed them to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Mitch McConnell and his caucus then took a month-long vacation — only to return and continue to block a full extension of the urgently needed relief. Despite alarming reports that Senate Republicans’ inaction “will create widespread damage across America” and grim warnings that the U.S. economy remains at risk, Mitch McConnell and his caucus continue to ignore the urgent needs of millions of hardworking families and are instead focusing on rushing to fill a lifetime appointment before Americans have a chance to make their voices heard. 

NEW POLL CONFIRMS KANSAS IS IN PLAY. A new internal poll from Dr. Barbara Bollier’s campaign found that Bollier leads Republican candidate Congressman Marshall 45%-43%. The polling also showed that “Bollier has ‘more cross-party and moderate support’ than Marshall.” Bollier is widely recognized as a “strong candidate” who has built a reputation as an independent voice focused on finding common sense solutions. She’s built a juggernaut campaign and this latest poll confirms that the Kansas Senate race is a dead heat. Kansas City Star: Competing internal polls show tight Senate race between Marshall, Bollier in Kansas

WHILE MARSHALL PUSHES REPEAL, CAMPAIGN STAFF RELIES ON ACA FOR HEALTH COVERAGE. A new report from the Kansas City Star reveals that “Roger Marshall’s Senate campaign team have health insurance because of the law their boss and other Republicans have repeatedly sought to repeal.” Marshall’s campaign doesn’t offer health care benefits to its employees and as a result, many members of his staff have remained on their parents’ health care plans, an option afforded to them because of key provisions in the Affordable Care Act. Marshall himself has repeatedly voted to repeal the measure and just this year opposed a House resolution that urged the Trump administration to drop the GOP-led lawsuit that would dismantle the popular health care law. Kansas City Star: Marshall campaign doesn’t offer health benefits to staff

NEW POLL: WARNOCK, OSSOFF LEAD IN GEORGIA. A new Quinnipiac poll of both Georgia Senate races shows Jon Ossoff leading Senator David Perdue in the Georgia Senate race and Reverend Raphael Warnock leading the crowded field for Georgia’s Senate special election by an increasingly wide margin. The Quinnipiac poll was the first of two polls released yesterday showing Warnock quickly gaining ground. A new Civiqs poll of the Georgia special election also found Warnock above 30 percent, the first time any Democratic candidate has crossed the threshold since the start of the race. The new polls are just the latest example of how strong Democratic candidates in Georgia have put Republicans on the defense in a state they never anticipated being competitive at the start of the cycle. 

GARDNER LINES UP BEHIND MCCONNELL, PLANS TO CONFIRM SCOTUS NOMINEE. After ducking questions and refusing to admit to voters where he stood for days last week, vulnerable incumbent Senator Cory Gardner caved to the pressure of President Trump and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and broke his own 2016 commitment that “the president who is elected in November should be the one who makes this decision” on the next Supreme Court Justice. Now, less than 72 hours since President Trump put forward a Supreme Court nominee hostile to the Affordable Care Act, Gardner has caved once again to his party’s pressure and says he plans to confirm the President’s nominee –– proving that he’s nothing more than a rubber stamp for Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump’s agenda. Durango Herald: Sen. Cory Gardner says he plans to confirm Trump’s US Supreme Court nominee


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