DEMOCRATS FOCUSED ON FIGHTING FOR HEALTH CARE. The past year of GOP efforts to undermine our health care system have made it the issue that voters consistently rank highest among their priorities. Democrats’ “sharp focus on health care” and messaging is resonating with voters across the country who are fearful that their health care will become more expensive and less accessible.

  • The sharp focus on health care from Democrats stands in contrast to a more diffuse message on the GOP side.
  • Health care has surged as a top voter concern, and it could be as important a factor in the midterm elections as Trump, said Drew Altman, head of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Health care ranks as a higher priority for Democrats this year than it did for Republicans when they crusaded against the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and 2014. The issue is closely tied to Trump because of Republican efforts to undo the law either through legislation or executive action.
  • Voters listed pre-existing conditions as their top health care campaign issue in a Kaiser Family Foundation poll in June. Most Democratic and independent voters – as well as about half of Republicans voters – say a candidate’s position on preserving protections for people with pre-existing conditions is either the “single most important factor” or a “very important” factor in their vote. It’s the top campaign issue for voters living in battleground areas such as Florida, according to the survey.
  • The Democrats’ focus on health care “shows how the Republicans really blew it in 2017 by making health care their No. 1 legislative priority,” then failing to pass legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, said Steven Smith, a political science professor at Washington University.

Meanwhile, Senate GOP candidates panic as their policies become more and more unpopular with voters

REP BRAUN RUNS FROM HIS RECORD BUT CAN’T HIDE. After strongly supporting the sabotage of affordable health care, including a lawsuit that his own Republican Attorney General joined which aims to make protections for pre-existing conditions coverage unconstitutional, Rep. Mike Braun is trying to cover it all up.

The Washington Examiner reports that Braun said “Nobody should go broke because they get sick or have a bad accident,” yet he supports policies that do just that, are driving up premiums and would implement an age tax to raise rates for older Americans.

And he isn’t the only GOP Senate candidate trying to fool voters into ignoring their self-serving, destructive record on health care policies. This week, Dean Heller admitted the GOP made a “big mistake” in focusing on health care repeal while he played a key role in it. According to the New York Times, Missouri’s Josh Hawley has said that “that pre-existing conditions protections could be preserved without the Affordable Care Act,” but signed Missouri onto a lawsuit that would make protections for coverage of those conditions unconstitutional

BITTER ARIZONA GOP PRIMARY REACHES NEW LOW. The ongoing and increasingly contentious battle between Kelli Ward and Martha McSally has been filled with low moments. Most recently, McSally’s legal team has threatened to “pursue legal remedies” against tv stations who run Ward’s statewide PAC ads.

SELF-SERVING SCOTT’S TOXIC ALGAE CRISIS DOMINATES COLUMNS. The Scott-caused red tide ravaging the Florida coast is taking a toll on the state. Columnists across the Sunshine state are holding self-serving Scott accountable for rolling back environmental protections that could have prevented the crisis: Tampa Bay Times columnist John Romano said “no one is more responsible” and the Gainesville Sun Editorial board asserted that “Gov. Rick Scott is facing an environmental crisis of his own making.”

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