GOP “FLEE” THEIR HEALTH CARE RECORDS. Early voting in some battlegrounds begins this week, we’re four weeks out from Election Day and the issue dogging Republican Senate candidates is the one they have struggled with all cycle: health care. It’s a top priority for voters – regardless of party – and GOP candidates uniquely bad records trying to tear down protections for pre-existing conditions is disqualifying. From Forbes:

OUR TAKE: We wrote in 2017 that the toxic Republican health care agenda would cripple the GOP’s midterm efforts, and said again 100 Days out that health care was the defining issue of the cycle. If the polling isn’t convincing, Republican Senate candidates and their allies have been forced to spend critical resources on defensive ads in Florida, MissouriNevada and North Dakota, to name a few.

KC STAR EDITORIAL: HAWLEY STRUGGLING WITH “FACTS & LOGIC.” Few candidates have been as “ridiculously dishonest” about their health care record as Josh Hawley, the Attorney General suing to end coverage for pre-existing conditions while telling voters in a paid TV ad he will protect that coverage. He’s been called out before and here the Kansas City Star editorial board took him to task, again:

  • U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley continues to struggle with facts and logic in the debate over health insurance in America and coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Hawley, the Republican looking to knock off Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, recently wrote a column outlining his plan to protect patients with pre-existing conditions from losing health insurance.
  • His proposal is incoherent.
  • Hawley’s plan also leaves a serious problem unaddressed: Why would anyone buy health insurance? Americans could wait until they get sick, apply for pre-existing condition coverage, and Uncle Sam would pay for it.

BOZEMAN DAILY CHRONICLE: TESTER THE STATESMAN MONTANA NEEDSThe Bozeman Daily Chronicle endorsed Jon Tester for his “demonstrated record of statesmanship – reaching out to the other party and looking for the middle ground on issues important to Montanans.”

Meanwhile: “Matt Rosendale has no such record. In fact, he has indicated his full-throated support for whatever President Trump does or says. And whether or not you approve of the president’s policies, Montana – and our country – won’t be served by a rubber stamp in the U.S. Senate.”

ROSEN, BALDWIN RAISE BIG $$$. The last quarter before voting begins and Dems are reporting BIG numbers:

  • NVSEN: Roll Call reports Jacky Rosen raised nearly $7.1 million – double what she brought in last quarter. More than 95 percent of the contributions were less than $100 and the average contribution was $54.
  • WISEN: The Journal Sentinel reports Tammy Baldwin raised $6 million with an average online donation of $19 and 32,000 NEW supporters.


THIS WEEKEND IN WEIRD TWEETS: Fresh off a flight of bad headlines, Congressman Jim Renacci posted this weird rant about his relationship with convicted felon Ben Suarez. Renacci tried to help Suarez when his business came under investigation, and just two days later Suarez employees donated $100,000 to Renacci’s campaign.. Sound fishy? It is. Get the facts here.

CRAMER SHOULD KNOW BETTER. The New York Times captures Congressman Kevin Cramer’s stunning declaration: “’I know this state better than her, John Hoeven, Jack Dalrymple, and every former governor added up,’ referring to Ms. Heitkamp and two former Republican governors.)”

If Congressman Cramer knew the state as well as he claimed, he would not have so easily dismissed sexual assault and abuse. From the same report:

  • “His comments were all the more striking because there are five federally recognized tribes in North Dakota and sexual violence against Native American women is epidemic: they are two-and-half times more likely to be sexually assaulted than nonnative women.”

MCSALLY’S CONSTITUENT & BASE PROBLEMS. Congresswoman Martha McSally has failed to address a months-long problem with sewage flowing across the border from Mexico and into their community. Her constituents held a press conference to try to the shame the Congresswoman into action – however she may be too busy trying to convince members of her party to vote for her… a glaring admission of her ongoing base problems just days ahead of early voting. 


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