GOP “JUNK INSURANCE” PLANS UNDERMINE PRE-EXISTING CONDITION COVERAGE. Another day, another dangerous health care plan. Republicans continued their assault on our healthcare today as they announced a plan to expand temporary health insurance plans. Bloomberg reports that the “far skimpier” plans are “loosely regulated and don’t always include coverage for pre-existing conditions.”

  • Short-term health plans with a history of consumer complaints will get a larger role in the U.S. insurance market under a Trump administration plan.
  • About 160,600 people were covered by short-term health insurance plans at the end of 2016, according to data from state regulators, a number that the Urban Institute said could surge to 4.2 million if the plans become more widely available.
  • For some people, though, the cheaper premiums can come at a cost, such as when insurers claim that a cancer treatment shouldn’t be covered because a patient had the disease before buying coverage, as Bloomberg reported in October. The plans are effectively banned in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, and several other states impose restrictions on them.
  • Short-term insurance plans are time-restricted for a reason, according to Sabrina Corlette, a professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute. They don’t cover enough to qualify as real insurance, are loosely regulated and don’t always include coverage for pre-existing conditions, she said. The plans also are able to charge a higher rate based on a person’s health status, and usually don’t include coverage for such things as maternity care or prescription drugs.

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DEMOCRATS CHAMPION AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE. As the New York Times reports, Republican attempts to strip health care from hard working Americans including last year’s effort by Senate GOP to sabotage affordable healthcare and the recent lawsuit by 20 Republican Attorneys general to make pre-existing condition coverage unconstitutional, have “turned the tide on health care as an issue.” While the GOP finds more ways to undercut affordable health care, Democrats are fighting to protect itMore:

  • Democratic congressional candidates around the country are putting a health care message at the center of their campaigns.
  • Democrats have detected a newfound concern that the consumer protections established under the law might go away. And that fear has turned into a potent campaign theme.
  • More than a quarter of working-age adults have a pre-existing health condition, like asthma, diabetes or cancer.
  • The Republican effort to repeal Obamacare last year made the embattled health law more popular than it has ever been. For the first time, the Affordable Care Act earned the support of a majority of Americans in public polls, a small shift but one that has been durable, even as Congress moved on to a tax overhaul and other issues. Pre-existing condition protections have always been much more popular than the law over all.

HAWLEY CONTINUES “DISGUSTING” ATTACKS ON SENATOR MCCASKILL. An editorial by the Kansas City Star hits Hawley again for ads targeting Senator Claire McCaskill that are “so disgusting that it rises to another level.”

It’s not the first time the Missouri newspaper has called Hawley out for unsavory behavior. Just last week their editorial board slammed Hawley for “consistently petty and even nonsensical attacks” on McCaskill.

RENACCI DENIES SHADY TIES TO FELON. Congressman Jim Renacci wants to sweep his connection to embattled former businessman and felon Ben Suarez under the rug. According to the Toledo Blade, Suarez “violated federal campaign laws when he and his company, Suarez Corporation Industries, funneled $200,000 in campaign contributions to Mr. Renacci and Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel in 2011 and 2012.” While Renacci calls his ties to Suarez “old news,” this is exemplary of the pattern of shady finance practices we’ve seen from Republican candidates like Matt Rosendale and Mike Braun in this election.


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