HUFFPOST: “GOP LIES ABOUT PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS MAY HAVE REACHED PEAK ABSURDITY.” As the GOP continues lying to voters about their unpopular healthcare records, headlines are calling them out for their hypocrisy and highlighting how Republican Senate candidates are being forced to answer for their role in pushing a dangerous health care agenda:

Huffington Post: GOP Lies About Pre-Existing Conditions May Have Reached Peak Absurdity

  • Anybody even dimly aware of recent history ― specifically, the part where Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act, only to have Republicans spend eight years trying to repeal it ― should recognize the claim as a lie.
  • And anybody unfamiliar with that saga could simply have paid attention this week, when the Trump administration announced a major reinterpretation of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance rules. The change means that states can undermine some of the law’s key provisions that help people with serious medical problems.
  • Republicans all over the country are promising voters that they, too, are committed to protecting people with pre-existing conditions, even though nearly all of them have records of voting for efforts to roll back those protections (if they have served in Congress) or of filing lawsuits that would achieve the same goal (if they hold office at the state level).
  • All of this should sound very familiar. Last year, when Republicans first took power, they were equally insistent about their intentions to protect people with pre-existing conditions. In reality, their proposals would have taken away existing protections without providing a comparable replacement.
  • If Republicans get through the midterm elections with their congressional majorities intact, next year could play out in the very same way. GOP leaders have already made clear that they will try once again to repeal the health care law if they can.

Daily Beast: Republicans to Voters: Ignore That Lawsuit We Support to End Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions

  • It is a politically audacious effort, one that reflects a larger attempt by GOP lawmakers to soften their approach to the Affordable Care Act, which virtually all of them have either pledged or voted to repeal. And it could very well work, save one stubborn point: it’s not rooted in reality.
  • In fact, no Republican candidates have explicitly dropped their support for that same lawsuit or disavowed it either. The closest one comes is Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott, whose spokesperson said he had no input in the state attorney general’s decision to join the suit.
  • “Look, Republicans are squirming about their healthcare records and you can smell the panicked sweat of GOP Senate candidates who are being confronted about their records of gutting coverage for preexisting conditions through the television,” David Bergstein, national press secretary for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee told The Daily Beast. “Republican Senate candidates have a record that they can’t defend.”
  • The problem is particularly pronounced for two Republican Senate candidates who also serve as the Attorneys General for their states. Josh Hawley, the attorney general of Missouri who is challenging incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) in an extremely close race and Patrick Morrisey, the attorney general of West Virginia who has trailed his opponent Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), both have their names signed to the Texas suit.

Washington Post: Trump’s false claim on health care ignores years-long GOP effort to repeal Obamacare

  • The misleading statement…reflects a strategy that Republicans are hoping will pay off Nov. 6: Repeatedly tell voters that the GOP supports one of the ACA’s most popular provisions and hope they ignore or forget eight years of votes, rhetoric, legal efforts and bureaucratic moves to gut the law.
  • Yet health care remains the Republican Party’s Achilles’ heel, and GOP candidates such as Arizona Senate nominee Rep. Martha McSally have found themselves facing tough questions about how they reconcile their current support for coverage for preexisting conditions with their longtime efforts to repeal the health-care law.
  • McSally, who is facing Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in one of the country’s most closely watched Senate races, is drawing attention with a new ad in which she claims that she is “leading the fight to . . . force insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions” — even though she not only voted for legislation that would have weakened such protections but rallied other House Republicans

WATCH: NBC: Republicans offer mixed messages on protections for pre-existing conditions

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HEALTH CARE “HOUNDS” MCSALLY. Congresswoman Martha McSally’s misleading ad claiming she will protect pre-existing conditions coverage got all the wrong kind of coverage: Watch:

See more headlines on McSally’s health care dodge here.

“SINEMA TOUTS HEALTH CARE VIEWS.” Meanwhile, Kyrsten Sinema is in the midst of a statewide GOTV health care tour and KTAR reports that she held a health care event where she “listened to stories from people living with pre-existing conditions and spoke about the need for affordable, quality health care.”

HEADLINE: “SCOTT REINVENTS RECORD 30 SECONDS AT A TIME.” Politico outlines how Rick Scott is using ads to mislead voters on his record of supporting dangerous GOP policies and being a bad Governor of Florida:

  • In one of his most recent commercials, released Tuesday, Scott tackles an issue that is bedeviling GOP candidates throughout the nation, and which has proven complicated for him: mandatory coverage for people with pre-existing health conditions — a protection Republicans repeatedly considered weakening when they took control of the House, Senate and White House in 2017.
  • Unmentioned by Scott: he backed a recent Senate GOP plan that stopped forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, and expressed a measure of support for House legislation last year that would have weakened protections for people with those conditions.
  • Scott, once in charge of the largest for-profit hospital chain in the country, has long opposed quasi-government-run health care programs like the Affordable Care Act even while saying he supports covering people with pre-existing health conditions. He penned an April 2017 op-ed when congressional Republicans were debating how to repeal and replace the law that said as much. In 1994, when he was fighting the Clinton administration’s health plan, he told the Dallas Morning News that he wanted to eliminate pre-existing conditions as an exclusion for coverage.
  • But Scott has also been silent on a lawsuit brought by 20 GOP-led states, including Florida, to undo those protections. Scott isn’t leading Florida’s effort in the suit — Attorney General Pam Bondi is — but he’s never come out against it and has declined to comment on it specifically. If Bondi prevails, and insurance companies return to the way things were before the ACA, more than 3.1 million non-elderly Floridians could lose health coverage for diseases they already have.
  • Scott has not criticized Bondi, a friend and ally, over the lawsuit to end pre-existing conditions, and he has refused to criticize the Trump administration, which backs the court fight.

“JOSH HAWLEY IS TOO BUSY CAMPAIGNING TO DO HIS JOB.” Riverfront Times reports that Golden Boy Josh Hawley who “drew criticism for his penchant for mid-morning workouts far from his office in Jefferson City,” and has recently made headlines for mismanagement of his Attorney General office is facing a formal complaint alleging that he is spending too much time campaigning: “in August alone Hawley attended at least fifteen campaign events during the work week, many far from his office in Jefferson City. It documents numerous other weekday events in May, June, and July.”

DONNELLY OUTRAISES BRAUN IN OCTOBER. Joe Donnelly raised $1.44 million in the first half of October and according to the Indianapolis Business Journal, he outraised Mike Braun who only raised $1.2 million during the same period.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS ENDORSES BETO O’ROURKE. Beto O’Rourke earned the endorsement of Dallas Morning News which cited his “demeanor that offers respect for each person and a humbleness that will allow him to open the door to working with those who hold political views different from his.”

MEMPHIS’ COMMERCIAL APPEAL ENDORSES BREDESEN. Phil Bredesen was endorsed by the Commercial Appeal which praised him for being one of the “pragmatic, civil and bipartisan voices of moderation who can work together to do the business of the American people” and slammed Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn for being “disrespectful of her opponent and divisive in her appeals to voters.”

JEWISH NEWS ENDORSES STABENOW. Jewish News released an endorsement of Debbie Stabenow praising her for “her proven record in championing policies to benefit manufacturing, agriculture and health care as well as her commitment to protecting the Great Lakes and her support for Israel.” It contrasted her record with John James saying he “has never held public office before; that inexperience would likely make him a less effective champion for Michigan’s interests in the U.S. Senate.”


FL – Bill Nelson highlights glowing endorsements for re-election from Florida’s premier newspapers in the ad, “Endorsed.”

NE – Nebraskans condemn Deb Fischer for her votes to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and increase premiums in Jane Raybould’s new ad, “Catharine.”

NV – The DSCC released a new TV ad “Our Turn,” featuring Nevadans hitting Dean Heller for breaking his promise on health care.

NV – Jacky Rosen also released two new ads: “Wrong Experience” contrasts her bipartisan record on health care, veterans affairs, and taxes with Dean Heller’s partisan vote to repeal health care and “Esa Mujer” features Jacky Rosen’s work on immigration.

PA – “Sara” tells the story of a Pennsylvanian with Down Syndrome who has disability benefits while employed thanks to Bob Casey’s advocacy.

WV – Joe Manchin rides his motorcycle through scenic West Virginia while reflecting that Mountaineers should be free from opiates and attacks to health care coverage in his ad, “Freedom.”

WI – Tammy Baldwin’s new ad “Why?” features Wisconsinites asking Leah Vukmir why she sides with insurance companies at their expense.


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