AS THE GOP TARGETS PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS, VOTERS WORRY. Reports across the country detail how Republicans are *still* targeting pre-existing conditions days before the election:

  • PBS News Hour: As voters worry about health care, Trump administration relaxes Obamacare rules
    For example, they can now subsidize plans that don’t have to cover prescription drugs or mental health or maternity care, all things that the Affordable Care Act required.

    And these plans could also deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions, as long as consumers still had access to another, more comprehensive plan that guarantees that coverage.

    These sound like small changes, but they’re not. And they will take effect starting in 2020.

  • Axios: “Americans are spending more money out of pocket every year on health care, and that trend is placing a bigger burden on poorer families than on wealthier ones. By the numbers: The lowest-income households spend nearly 3% of their take-home pay on health care, compared to about 1% for the wealthiest families, according to new research from the JPMorgan Chase Institute.”
  • Kansas City Star: “Now Democrats, in a dramatic switch from years past, would like to make the upcoming election all about Obamacare. They are attacking Republican attempts to repeal it by repeatedly citing one of its most popular features: the provision for pre-existing conditions….In Missouri, for example, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill has tried to make hay out of the anti-ACA lawsuit filed by her Republican challenger, state Attorney General Josh Hawley.”
  • Florida Politics: “Health care is a number one issue for Florida voters casting ballots in the Nov. 6 election, according to a recent poll from Kaiser Family Foundation, a health policy analysis, and journalism group…A 69 percent majority of Florida voters polled say they are more likely to vote for a candidate who wants to maintain the Affordable Care Act’s protections of people with pre-existing conditions.”     

HUFFPOST: WITH KEY SENATE RACES MIRED IN POLLUTION ISSUES. The Huffington Post reports that GOP Senate candidates have to answer for as environmental crises raging in Florida, Arizona and Texas:

  • “In Arizona, brown sewage gurgled into the border town of Naco, where some residents blame Rep. Martha McSally ― the Republican nominee for the state’s open Senate seat ― for not wrangling enough federal funding to fix the problem.”
  • “In Texas, the fossil fuel industry’s unquenchable thirst for dwindling freshwater resources is bolstering Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s long-shot chance of unseating Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.”
  • “In Florida, the toxic algae shuttering beaches and threatening a public health crisis has thrown a spotlight on Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s record of slashing water management budgets and denying climate change as he makes a bid to unseat Bill Nelson, the state’s Democratic senator.”
  • “Environmental problems are dogging Republicans in several key Senate races amidst an election widely seen as a referendum on President Donald Trump, who has made eliminating industrial regulations a cornerstone of his agenda.”
  • “‘When Floridians in the panhandle were trying to help each other respond to the devastation of Hurricane Michael, Rick Scott was figuring out which photo-op would look best in his campaign advertisements” said David Bergstein, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “That’s exactly the kind of dishonest, self-serving politics that Floridians have come to expect from Scott, and why they detest him.’”

MCSALLY CAUGHT “STIFFING UNCLE SAM AND HER CAMPAIGN STAFF.” A bombshell report from Arizona Politics detailed how Martha McSally is skirting payroll taxes by “classifying 13 apparently-full-time persons as independent contractors”

  • YOU ALL MIGHT NEED TO UPDATE YOUR STORIES: If you’ve previously quoted a Martha McSally staffer as “spokesperson” or “communications director” please note that the campaign refers to those jobs as “field consultant” in the filings.

The Arizona Republic’s EJ Montini grilled McSally for deciding “that her top campaign staff are not really employees, but independent contractors, and is therefore avoiding paying payroll taxes, Social Security and Medicare withholding, unemployment taxes and benefits.”

HEADLINE: WATCHDOG GROUP FILES COMPLAINT AGAINST HAWLEY. KMIZ reports: “A Washington, D.C., watchdog group has filed a complaint alleging Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s Senate campaign coordinated almost $1 million in spending.” Hawley’s alleged coordination with the NRA is detailed in a “123-page complaint, which includes exhibits, the organization says a vendor placed ads for the NRA and Hawley’s campaign on the same stations on the same day.”

Read more headlines detailing Hawley’s mismanagement of his Attorney General office.

HEADLINE: SCOTT HAS MADE IT A POLICY TO ENRICH HIMSELF. The Sun Sentinel’s Randy Schultz slammed Rick Scott amid reports that “Scott has ties to the vendor, Conduent, through his and his wife’s investment in a hedge fund that owns three percent of Conduent’s stock.” Schultz detailed Scott’s record of using his office to enrich himself then crafting a “cover story” to hide his shadowy financial dealings.

This is one of the more than 620 bad stories Scott has earned since he launched his campaign 200 days ago.

CRAMER EARNS A “MOSTLY FALSE” FROM POLITIFACT. Kevin Cramer’s comments that “The standard for voting in North Dakota is the easiest of anywhere in the country,” was ruled mostly false by Politifact which determined that “North Dakota ranked near, but never at the top, of any voting ease lists in 2016. The state’s ease of voting is already falling by some metrics ahead of Election Day 2018 with a stricter voting ID law in place, despite North Dakota being the only state without voter registration.”

FORMER REPUBLICAN SENATOR AND DEFENSE SECRETARY HAGEL CAMPAIGNS FOR HEITKAMP. Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel campaigned for Heidi Heitkamp this week and the Associated Press reports that he “told a crowd of about 100 veterans and others in Bismarck that Heitkamp will work “across the aisle” on their behalf in Washington.

WEST VIRGINIA NEWS ENDORSES MANCHIN. Joe Manchin earned the endorsement of West Virginia News which praised him for “the ability to bring differing sides to the table and to broker solutions to trying situations. His willingness to cross party lines has been consistent throughout his days, first as West Virginia’s secretary of state, then governor and now as its senior senator.”


MS — Mike Espy shares his vision for a forward-facing Mississippi that corrects negative stereotypes in his first ad, “Image.”

NM — Martin Heinrich’s new ad, “Deliver,” highlights his record of delivering results for New Mexico.

ND — In the ad, “This is Why,” a farmer says he’s voting for Heidi because she protects coverage for his son with a pre-existing condition and fights against the trade war.

OH — The ad, “Air Renacci,” hits Jim Renacci for repeatedly flying to campaign events on a strip club owner’s private plane and failing to report flight costs.

TN — Phil Bredesen outlines his willingness to work across partisan lines to lower prescription costs in his ad, “Rx Plan.”


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FL-Citrus Unity Chronicle: Nelson and Gillum have spent lives serving Floridians

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OH-Dayton Daily News: 2 weeks to go: More than 1 million absentee ballots already requested in Ohio

PA-The Clarion News: Casey visits Clarion

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WI-WSAW: Sen. Tammy Baldwin shares thoughts and plans to help farmers and manufacturers impacted by tariffs

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