GOP TAKES AIM AT ENTITLEMENTS. As if their agenda of giving tax breaks to the wealthy and undermining Americans’ health care wasn’t unpopular enough, Bloomberg reports the GOP has now proposed targeting the entitlements families pay into:

  • “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blamed rising federal deficits and debt on a bipartisan unwillingness to contain spending on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and said he sees little chance of a major deficit reduction deal while Republicans control Congress and the White House.”
  • “McConnell’s remarks came a day after the Treasury Department said the U.S. budget deficit grew to $779 billion in Donald Trump’s first full fiscal year as president, the result of the GOP’s tax cuts, bipartisan spending increases and rising interest payments on the national debt.”
  • “Republicans in December 2017 also passed a tax cut projected to add more than $1 trillion to the debt over a decade after leaders gave up on creating a plan that wouldn’t increase the debt under the Senate’s scoring rules.”
  • “At the time, McConnell told reporters, ‘I not only don’t think it will increase the deficit, I think it will be beyond revenue-neutral.’ He added, ‘In other words, I think it will produce more than enough to fill that gap.’”

WATCH: MCCONNELL “STRIPPED AWAY THE VENEER.The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein discusses how McConnell “stripped away the veneer” on GOP plan to cut entitlements in the wake of new reports confirming that the tax plan that every observer outside of the Republican Caucus said would raise the deficit, raised the deficit:

Our take: “Every Republican Senate candidate is on the hook for Mitch McConnell’s plan to cut Medicare and Social Security…This platform is disqualifying, and just like taking away coverage for pre-existing conditions, it’s exactly what GOP candidates don’t want to be talking about weeks before the election.”

“MIDTERM ELECTION COULD RESHAPE HEALTH POLICY.” NPR reports on how the healthcare is dominating the midterms and could have massive impacts on health policy beyond November:

  • “Obamacare — as the Affordable Care Act is commonly known — won’t be on the ballot next month. But the fate of the eight-year old health care law could be decided by which party wins control of Congress in November.”
  • “McCaskill blasts her Republican opponent, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, for joining a lawsuit that seeks to overturn Obamacare and its requirement that insurance companies offer coverage regardless of a person’s medical history. Republicans insist they will also protect patients with pre-existing medical conditions, though they’ve been vague in saying how.”
  • “Democrats around the country have seized on this issue. Health care dominates congressional campaign ads, outpacing jobs, taxes, and immigration.”
  • “Democrats are determined to protect those popular provisions if they win one or both houses of Congress in November. On the other hand, if Republicans keep control, they could take another run at repealing Obamacare.”

And Democrats dominance on the issue is leaving Republicans in a panic over their health care records…

MCSALLY TAKES A TURN AT “REWRITING HISTORY.HuffPost reports that Congresswoman Martha McSally is joining her fellow GOP Senate candidates in “telling whoppers about her record on health care:”

  • “Health care keeps coming up in the approach to the 2018 midterms. And Republicans keep deceiving the public about it, because they are desperate to show that they didn’t try to strip away protections for people with pre-existing conditions when, in fact, they did.”
  • “On Monday evening, it was Martha McSally’s turn. McSally, GOP nominee for Arizona’s open Senate seat, currently serves in the House. Last year, she voted for her party’s bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, including regulations that block insurers from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions.”
  • “In a closed-door meeting on the day of the vote, McSally reportedly stood up and told colleagues that it was time to get this “f**king thing” done.”
  • “One year later, the vote and the quote have become political liabilities. McSally’s opponent, House Democrat Krysten Sinema, cites them constantly as proof that McSally would leave some people with cancer, diabetes and other conditions unable to get coverage.”
  • “That doesn’t sit well with voters, according to polls ― and so, when the subject came up Monday during a televised debate between the two, McSally did what so many other Republicans facing similar charges have done.”
  • “McSally went on to accuse Sinema of lying ― three separate times. But McSally was the one rewriting history.”

Our take: “Arizonans got a good look at why McSally’s being described as ‘flustered’ and ‘exasperated’ — and why newspapers called her a lying ‘actress.’ Her healthcare bill that guts coverage for pre-existing conditions, spikes premiums and imposes an age tax would be a disaster for Arizonans, and last night she admitted it in front of everyone.”

RTV6 GIVES DONNELLY A “TRUE” RATING FOR CLAIM THAT BRAUN OPPOSES PROTECTIONS FOR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS COVERAGE. Mike Braun claims that he supports protections for pre-existing conditions coverage while supporting measures that would eliminate those protections and pushing his company’s costly insurance plan which his employees have said: “was not real insurance.” When RTV6 checked his claims here’s what they found:

“Brauns’s companies deductibles are more than twice the state average, also the insurance does not cover prescription drugs for chronic conditions AKA pre-existing conditions until you meet the high deductible.”

“When we asked again for specifics of Braun’s plan, his campaign sent us essentially a political statement, repeating lines from his commercials.”


#MOSEN “CASTS A SPOTLIGHT ON HEALTH CARE.” The battle over health care rages on in Missouri as Claire McCaskill continues to champion the expansion of affordable health care and protections for pre-existing conditions coverage. KCUR reports on how she is holding Josh Hawley acountable for “double dealing” on health care:

  • “Almost a third of people in Missouri have pre-existing conditions, and GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley has said he’s looking out for them, especially because his oldest son has an unspecified chronic joint disease. That is, a pre-existing condition.
  • “But Democrats and incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill have called out Hawley for what they say is double dealing. That’s because as attorney general, Hawley brought the state into a lawsuit with 19 other Republican-led states that’s aiming to get the federal health care law thrown out on the grounds that it’s unconstitutional.”

HEADLINE: URBAN, RURAL AND EVERYWHERE IN BETWEEN, MCCASKILL CASTS WIDE NET IN RE-ELECTION BID. St. Louis Public Radio highlighted how Claire McCaskill is hitting every corner of Missouri, talking to voters about protecting their health care and “embracing her reputation as a dogged competitor who can give as good as she gets.”

SELF-SERVING SCOTT “ALREADY USING HURRICANE MICHAEL IN A POLITICAL AD.” Self-Serving Scott who is hiding behind Hurricane recovery efforts to avoid facing voters has already broken his promise of suspending campaign activity. The Tampa Bay Times reported that he’s using the hurricane in a new political ad:

  • “The ad, called “Leading,” features a photo of Scott in his Navy hat touring storm damage from the sky and passing supplies out of a plane.”
  • “Meanwhile, hurricane recovery efforts are still ongoing and the commercial’s release coincided with the Scott administration announcing a significant jump in the death toll from the storm. At least 21 people have died in Florida from Hurricane Michael, up from previous reports of nine.”
  • “The body count may rise again as rescue teams continue to search for the remains of people reported missing after Wednesday’s Category 4 storm buzzsawed through the Florida Panhandle as the most powerful hurricane to ever hit the state.

But this isn’t the first time Scott has tried and failed to sue a natural disaster as a political crutch. He drew fire for price gouging, failures in leadership and ignoring the critical needs of Floridians during Hurricane Irma.

BREDESEN UNVEILS PROPOSAL TO LOWER DRUG COSTS. The Tennessean reports that during an event with the Economic Club of Nashville on Tuesday, Phil Bredesen “announced a proposal Tuesday aimed at lowering drug costs in the United States…Under his plan, Bredesen said the United States, which is often the largest buyer of prescription drugs, will pay whatever price manufacturers determined, as long as it is in line with other countries.”

OP-ED: NO ONE LOOKS OUT FOR STUDENTS LIKE SEN. TAMMY BALDWIN. The University of Wisconsin College Democrats released a glowing op-ed praising Tammy Baldwin for her record of standing up for students saying “Her record speaks for itself on issues students care most about, like making college more affordable and bringing accessible healthcare to Wisconsinites.”

ESPY OUTRAISES OPPONENTS IN #MSSEN RACE. Mike Espy outraised both of his Republican opponents with an impressive $1.2 million in the third quarter. Mississippi Today reports that Espy “a former congressman and U.S. secretary of agriculture, raised $1.17 million between July 1 and Sept. 30.”


IN – Joe Donnelly highlights the top five lies spouted by Mike Braun during their recent debate in the ad, “5 Lies.”


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