“THE GREAT AMERICAN HEALTH CARE PANIC.” Politico reports on how Americans “panic” over climbing premiums and Republican efforts to gut protections for their pre-existing conditions coverage is playing out:

  • “There was, however, one perennial problem they wanted to talk about. And when they started, they couldn’t stop.”
  • “‘Health care,’ said Rickert, 56, a hospice nurse.”
  • “It’s the top issue,” said Brown, 64, a hairdresser.
  • “‘Cost … accessibility,’ Rickert continued, ticking off her complaints. ‘There should be some way to limit the high deductibles that are rolling out now. It’s crippling people. It’s crippling me.’”

REPUBLICANS (STILL) TRYING TO REWRITE HEALTH CARE RECORDS. The New York Times questioned the accuracy of Republican Senate candidate’s ads feigning concern for people with pre-existing conditions while actively working to dismantle protections for their health care coverage:

  • “Republicans are now playing defense, releasing a wave of ads promising they will preserve protections for Americans with pre-existing health conditions.”
  • “The ads omit the fact that the protections were a central feature of the Affordable Care Act and that the Republican Party has worked unceasingly to repeal the law, through legislation and lawsuits.”
  • “Republicans in Congress have recently come forward with limited legislative proposals to ensure some pre-existing conditions protections if the health law is overturned. One, a House resolution, would have no force of law, even if adopted. The other would contain a significant loophole: Insurers would have to cover those with pre-existing illnesses, but would not have to cover care for those particular illnesses. (Neither is on track to become law.)”
  • Protection of pre-existing conditions is popular, and surveys suggest that voters trust Democrats more than Republicans on health care. A few months ago, Republican candidates were happy to focus their messages elsewhere — on the economy, or immigration policy. They are now defending themselves on less friendly territory.

And how it’s playing out across the map:

  • #MOSEN: “Mr. Hawley is among a group of officials from 20 states who have brought a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. If the suit succeeds, the entire law, including its guarantees of affordable coverage for Americans with prior illnesses, could be eradicated. (The Trump administration has argued in court that most of the law should stand, but its pre-existing conditions protections, alone, should be invalidated.) Ms. McCaskill has been using Mr. Hawley’s participation in the suit as a central line of attack in her campaign, and has highlighted her personal experience with breast cancer.”
  • #NDSEN: “Like Mr. Heller, Mr. Cramer is trying to characterize his votes to repeal Obamacare as efforts to preserve protections for pre-existing conditions…That claim is a bigger stretch for Mr. Cramer than it is for Mr. Heller…Mr. Cramer voted to support the American Health Care Act, a bill that would have allowed states to weaken protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions. If the bill had become law, North Dakota might have preserved Obamacare’s rules, but that is different from ‘guaranteed coverage.’”
  • #NVSEN: “neither of the health care bills Mr. Heller cites in his ad has become law, and it’s questionable whether their effects would match his claims in the ad. These are the same bills and votes that Ms. Rosen has cited as evidence that Mr. Heller would pare back health coverage. The reference to Ms. Rosen’s ad suggests it has been memorable enough to voters to merit a response.”

SINEMA DOMINATES LONE AZ DEBATE. While Kyrsten Sinema demonstrated a measured, issues-focused performance in Monday’s debate, Congresswoman Martha McSally showed why she tried to avoid even one debate, with a “defensive,” “flustered,” performance that “sidestepped” on the issues that matter most to Arizonans. Here’s what they’re saying:

Arizona Republic’s Yvonne Wingett Sanchez: “Even when McSally attacked Sinema for holding “very dangerous” positions on illegal immigration, Sinema responded calmly.”

  • “Asked whether she is proud of the way Trump has conducted himself, she talked around the question.”
  • “McSally said she is “pro-life,” but sidestepped the question about reversing the decision.”

Arizona Republic’s Kelsey Mo: “David Martinez III supports Sinema and said she  “rose to the challenge” and showed what she will bring to the table. Sinema was “cool” and collected, he said. “She has shown she can get past partisan divide and be a voice for Arizonans.”

  • “Morgan Tucker, another attendee at Kobalt, said Sinema’s background as a social worker showed during the debate because she is a humanitarian. Tucker was unimpressed with McSally’s performance…Every single answer that she is giving is almost like personally offensive to me,” she said.”

Arizona State Senator Martín Quezada: “This #AZSen debate is very telling. @RepMcSally appears desperate and flustered. But in all fairness I would be too if I had a voting record like hers. #RememberInNovember”

Congressman Ruben Gallego, a Marine and Iraq War Veteran: “it was not treasonous to be against the Iraq War. I wish more politicians had listened to people like Kyrsten. We would have avoided needless deaths and the ensuing chaos that came. #AZSenDebate

WATCH: CNN: FIGHT FOR ARIZONA SENATE SEAT HEATS UP. CNN’s Kyung Lah highlights Kyrsten Sinema’s coalition building and how her message is resonating with Arizonans as McSally acknowledges her challenges with voter enthusiasm:

The Hill reports Kyrsten Sinema launched a new coalition, Republicans for Sinema, made up of “a 57-member strong Republicans for Sinema coalition of GOP voters in the state who say they will be supporting Sinema and campaigning against McSally ahead of next month’s midterm elections.”

MCCASKILL LAUNCHES “YOUR HEALTH CARE, YOUR VOTE” TOUR. Claire McCaskill launched a statewide tour of Missouri to talk to voters about the most important issue impacting them this election cycle: health care. On the tour, she will discuss her record of fighting for affordable health care and hold Josh Hawley accountable for putting the health care coverage of 2.5 million Missourians in jeopardy. Learn more about the tour.

HEITKAMP EARNS BACKING OF SENIORS’ GROUPS. Heidi Heitkamp was endorsed by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare (NCPSSM) and the Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) this week for her record of fighting for seniors and their families.

Congressman Kevin Cramer, on the other hand, doubled down on his commitment to rolling back Social Security and Medicare in an interview with the Jamestown Sun saying Congress should raise “the (retirement) age a little bit.” No wonder the Alliance for Retired Americans gave his congressional record a lifetime score of just 9%.

TESTER OP-ED: I WON’T EVER STOP FIGHTING FOR MONTANA. In a new op-ed for the Independent Record, Jon Tester lays out his record of fighting for Montanans in the issues most important to them.

ROSENDALE DOUBLES DOWN ON HEALTH CARE SABOTAGE. As Montana’s Insurance Commissioner, Matt Rosendale is supposed to stand with Montanans in support of the health care coverage they need but what he has done is anything but that:

The Independent Record reports that he has rubber-stamped the GOP’s dangerous agenda of health care sabotage saying “He’s also advocated for the short-term plans, the one’s Tester calls “junk plans,” and allowed a religious health care sharing ministry to return to operating in the state after it was banned in 2007” and that he falls “in line with Republicans nationally who have long called for the law’s repeal.”

Meanwhile, Jon Tester continues to hold Rosendale accountable for driving up premiums, supporting proposals to eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions coverage and rubber stamping the GOP’s most dangerous policies.

CLEVELAND.COM PROFILES RENACCI’S “GAFFE AFTER GAFFE.” In a new episode of the podcast, “Ohio Matters,” highlighted Congressman Jim Renacci’s embarrassing campaign gaffes including using “a strip club owner’s plane to a family values conference” and running a campaign that “you’d expect from a rookie politician.”

SELF-SERVING SCOTT POURS ANOTHER $18M INTO CAMPAIGN, DOESN’T MOVE THE NEEDLE. Self-Serving Rick Scott has a history of pouring money into his campaigns and Politico reports that he has spent another $18 million trying to buy the #FLSEN seat:

  • “Overall, Scott has put nearly $40 million of his own money into the race.”
  • Scott’s personal wealth has long been a part of his political identity. In his first race, Scott used $75 million of his own money to become governor, and spent $15 million at the very end of his re-election bid to eke out a win against now-Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist. In both cases, Scott won by roughly one point, underscoring the close nature of Florida statewide races.”

ROSEN OUTRAISES DEAN HELLER (AGAIN). Jacky Rosen has outraised Senator Dean Heller by $5 million in the third quarter by bringing in an eye-popping $7.1 million.


IN – Joe Donnelly says farmers’ input guides his decision-making in Washington in his ad, “Marching Orders.”

MT – In Jon Tester’s new ad “Vets have Jon’s Back,” he features veterans who support him for his record of fighting for them.

OH – Ohioans shower praise for Sherrod Brown’s advocacy on issues ranging from education to equality in the ad, “Let’s Make History, Ohio.”

VA – Tim Kaine is out with two new Spanish ads: “Yo Soy” highlights Kaine’s fight for education, jobs and access to health care for all Virginians, and “Nuestro Futuro” outlines why Kaine thinks diversity enriches the job market and Virginia’s future.


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