PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS ON “CENTER STAGE.” Democrats are holding their Republican opponents accountable for sabotaging health care over the airwaves. A new report from The Washington Post outlines just how we’re doing it:

Democrats are pummeling Republican candidates for governor and Senate over a pending lawsuit by 20 GOP-led states that could allow insurance companies to stop covering people with preexisting medical conditions…Public and private polling validates that it’s an effective line of attack.

EXAMPLE: West Virginia: Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s challenger, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, is one of the plaintiffs in the Texas suit…Last week, he released a similar ad that depicted him shooting a copy of Morrisey’s lawsuit instead. Manchin says he hasn’t changed, but the threat to the state has. “Now the threat is Patrick Morrisey’s lawsuit to take away health care from people with preexisting conditions,” Manchin says, holding his rifle. “He’s just dead wrong.” Indeed, the Mountain State is one of the poorest and sickest states in the country with the highest percentage of people who have preexisting conditions.

The Democratic senators up for reelection in North Dakota and Indiana are also running ads on this topic. In fact, more than half of all Democratic commercials last month for federal races mentioned health care, according to the Wesleyan Media Project.

THIS IS NOT SOME HYPOTHETICAL.The same Washington Post report underscores how serious the threat is to Americans’ care and why the issue is so potent just 54 days ahead of the election:

The nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, which does gold-standard survey research on health care, found widespread public concern about the lawsuit in a national poll conducted at the end of August. A 75 percent majority of Americans say it is “very important” to guarantee coverage for people with pre-existing conditions; 52 percent of the public are “very worried” that they or someone in their family will have to pay more for health insurance because of the lawsuit; and 41 percent are “very worried” they will lose their coverage if the Supreme Court overturns these protections.

TOXIC REPUBLICAN PLAN INCREASING UNINSURED RATE. The Washington Post Health 202 reports that the uninsured rate went up “by about 400,000 people, [which] marks the first time since the ACA’s implementation that the uninsured rate didn’t drop.” This indicates that Republican efforts to sabotage our healthcare system to benefit their donors are working.

BREAKING: ROSENDALE ENGAGES IN “POTENTIALLY ILLEGAL COORDINATION” WITH NRA. A stunning new report from the Daily Beast outlines how the NRA’schief lobbyist apparently gave the race’s Republican challenger a heads-up…that the group would spend heavily to support his bid to unseat Sen. Jon Tester.” Listen to their exclusive audio here.

This isn’t the first time Rosendale has been caught skirting campaign finance laws, In July, the Daily Beast reported that he “found a creative way to allow his high dollar donors to *get around campaign finance laws” and Politico reported on how his media consultant used a “mystery firm.” to bypass coordination rules.

ROSEN OPED: HELLER’S RECORD SHOWS HE CAN’T BE TRUSTED ON PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. Jacky Rosen penned a new op-ed for the Reno Gazette-Journal holding Spineless Senator Dean Heller for his toxic health care agenda saying “Senator Heller says that he’s “fighting to protect pre-existing conditions,” let’s be crystal clear: he’s lying. His record in Washington proves it.”

FACT CHECK:: MCCASKILL’S RIGHT: HAWLEY’S LAWSUIT WOULD END KEY PROTECTIONS. A fact check by the Missourian determined that Josh Hawley’s lawsuit would end protections for pre-existing conditions saying “McCaskill’s claims about the lawsuit have a ring of truth — Hawley’s lawsuit would repeal the entire health care act and hence all of its consumer protections, including those for the doughnut hole.”

BLACKBURN HASN’T VOTED SINCE JULY 25TH. The Tennessean reports that Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has “missed 57 of 80 House votes” since July 1 and “according to Blackburn’s voting record, she has missed 105 of 393 votes this year.” Even more troubling, Blackburn has been campaigning on bills that she wasn’t even present to vote for but expects Tennesseans to trust her to do her job in the Senate.

MCCONNELL DARK MONEY GROUP EARN A “MOSTLY FALSE” FOR ATTACKS ON DONNELLY. One Nation earned a “mostly false” rating from Politifact for a misleading ad claiming that Donnelly “flip-flopped on the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

MUST WATCH CLIP. On Meet The Press Daily, Chuck Todd outlined the severity of Republicans’ Senate woes and how weak candidate recruiting has produced weak candidates across the map:

HEADLINE: GOP OFFICIALS PESSIMISTIC ABOUT RENACCI’S CHANCES IN SENATE RACE. Republicans have tossed up their hands in resignation over Congressman Jim Renacci’s weak Senate campaign. The Columbus Dispatch highlighted their anguish writing “a number of Republicans say Renacci’s chances are bleak” and “Given the polling (in) the state, it’s hard to make a case for national Republican money to be spent in Ohio.”

FL REP. AMY MERCADO: SCOTT SHOULD DENOUNCE TRUMP’S “DISGUSTING AND VILE” COMMENTS ON PUERTO RICO. State Representative Amy Mercado is calling on Rick Scott to stand up for Puerto Ricans and denounce the President’s “Disgusting and Vile” comments on the death toll from Hurricane Maria. Remember: Nearly 3,000 people died and in response to criticisms about the Federal Government’s handling of the disaster all Scott could say was “I don’t know what I’d do differently.

SELF-SERVING SCOTT’S NOT-SO-BLIND TRUST. New revelations show that Self-Serving Rick Scott’s “blind” trust poured tens of millions of dollars into the same companies as his wife’s holdings., calling into question (again) just how “blind” the trust was.

Politico reports, “It’s clear from reviewing the holdings that actions Scott has taken during his nearly eight years as governor have affected companies in which Ann Scott holds an interest — which he could review as governor — and those held in the blind trust, in which a number of investments mirror those held by his wife.” This is just the latest example of Scott’s sself-servingpolitics and shady financial dealings.

See also: Tampa Bay Times: Federal complaint alleges Rick Scott illegally benefited from anti-Bill Nelson Super PAC ads; Tampa Bay Times: Rick and Ann Scott’s financial trail leads to Cayman Islands tax haven; Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott’s involvement with super PAC shows blurred lines; AP:Florida Gov. invested in company linked to high speed rail; TC Palm: Report: Gov. Scott, wife invest heavily in parent firm of Brightline, All Aboard Florida; Tampa Bay Times: Ruth: The governor’s conversion from rail opponent to supporter; AP: Gov. Scott Killed High-Speed Rail Project, Later Invested In All Aboard Florida; USA Today Network: Troubled SunPass vendor linked to Gov. Rick Scott; Politico:Scott’s wife gave loan to accountant at firm housing Scott’s blind trust; U.S. News & World: US Sen. Nelson Rails at Gov. Scott Over His Finances; FOX35: Scott’s family makes loan to “blind trust” accountant; WCTV: Loan given by Ann Scott raises questions about governor’s blind trust; Politico: Nelson, Scott spar over Ann Scott’s loan to blind trust accountant; WTSP: Scott invested in companies he impacts as governor; Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott told Florida not to invest in companies linked to Venezuela, but he did; Capitol News Service: Case seeking to open Governor’s blind trust continues; Miami Herald: Has Gov. Scott disclosed all his personal finances or not? Court could decide; Miami Herald: In disclosure Q and A, Scott campaign provides its own questions, then avoids some answers; Miami Herald: Rick Scott and family made $550M in one transaction. How ‘blind’ is his blind trust?; Florida Bulldog: Rick Scott paid $200,000 in tax incentives to company in which he had financial interest; Tampa Bay Times: Rick and Ann Scott had stake in shipping giant linked to Putin; GateHouse Media: Gov. Rick Scott profits from Hep C drug tied to state prisons, opioid crisis; Florida Politics: Rick Scott’s blind trust connected to controversial Chinese company ZTE; Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Rick Scott’s net worth soars 56 percent to $232 million, report shows; Tampa Bay Times, Ruth: Is Rick Scott’s blind trust that blind?; News Service of Florida: Rick Scott fights lawsuit demanding he disclose financial assets; Esquire: How ‘Blind’ Is Governor Rick Scott’s Blind Trust, Really?; Florida Bulldog: What did Gov. Rick Scott do with mysterious $120 million in cash?


FL – Bill Nelson released a spanish language ad, “Amigo,” which criticizes Rick Scott’s close relations with Donald Trump and “Know,” which highlights Scott’s shady record on the environmental rollbacks and Medicaid fraud.

MT – Jon Tester reveals the truth behind Maryland Matt Rosendale’s rancher claims, saying he only knows how to turn farms into real estate developments, in his ad, “I’m a Rancher.”

NV – Jacky Rosen’s new ad, “Day One,” tracks Dean Heller’s spineless record on veterans and false attacks on Rosen.

PA- The ad “Twenty-three” outlines Bob Casey’s legislative efforts to hold college campuses accountable for the sexual assault epidemic.

TN – Phil Bredesen highlights how  Marsha Blackburn’s decision to dodge the debate in Memphis speaks to a bigger problem that she’s ignoring the state in his ad, “Believes.”


OH-Columbus Dispatch: Sherrod Brown ad highlights work to help addicted infants

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