REPUBLICANS TRY TO FIND RELIGION ON HEALTH CARE. After nearly a decade of peddling snake oil to voters, then supporting a series of disastrous plans that would institute an age tax and gut coverage for pre-existing conditions, Republicans are trying to get right.  From Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur:

  • The GOP spent the eight years since the Affordable Care Act was passed attempting to derail it in Congress, the White House and the courts. But those efforts have struck a nerve when it comes to a central element of the law — rules protecting insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • It’s put Republican candidates from conservative states and swing House districts on the defensive, and given an opening for vulnerable Democrats such as Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill and Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly to highlight a favorable contrast with their opponents…
  • The issue illustrates the shift in health-care politics since Republicans exploited antipathy to the 2010 law to win subsequent elections. This year is different, as numerous polls show health-care as the No. 1 issue for voters in the 2018 midterm elections and that protecting those with pre-existing conditions is overwhelmingly popular across party lines.

You don’t have to take our (or for that matter Bloomberg’s) word for it:  Democrats are on offense on health care and Republicans don’t know how to respond.

DEMOCRATS DOMINATE DEBATES, INDIANA EDITION. Joe Donnelly put Mike Braun on his heels from the start, highlighting Braun’s dangerous health care plans and seeming inability to tell Hoosiers the truth about his position.

  • Front page, above the fold headline n the Northwest Indiana Times: Health care dominates opener in Westerville.
  • More from the Times: “Donnelly stressed the need to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. He asked Braun to speak against the GOP’s Texas v. United States lawsuit, which challenges the Affordable Care Act, including coverage for pre-existing conditions. Braun…didn’t answer Donnelly’s question about that lawsuit.”

Associated Press:

  • BRAUN: “I would never be for any replacement of the Affordable Care Act unless it covered pre-existing conditions.”
  • THE FACTS: Braun has suggested otherwise.
  • [Braun] has previously called for Congress to scrap the entire Affordable Care Act, which would wipe away protections that prohibit insurers from denying coverage or charging more in premiums to people with pre-existing conditions…. Last year, while Congress considered a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Braun authored a newspaper article urging Congress to force a full repeal of the health care law. In that letter, he vowed to “take action and keep pushing for the full repeal of Obamacare” if elected to the U.S. Senate. As recently as June, Braun said on Twitter that he would work with Trump “to fully repeal and replace Obamacare with free-market solutions.” In August, Braun told Politico he supported a lawsuit filed by a group of Republican attorneys general that seeks to have the health law declared unconstitutional.

DEMOCRATS DOMINATE DEBATES, WISCONSIN EDITION. Tammy Baldwin repeatedly called out State Senator Leah Vukmir for undermining health care, highlighting a vote in the state legislature to allow insurance companies to stop covering oral chemotherapy for cancer patients.

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

  • Baldwin said Vukmir would be a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and with that, would end insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions. She said she wants “to get to a place where all Americans have access to affordable quality coverage.”
  • The candidates also scrapped over Vukmir’s 2014 vote in the Legislature against a measure to help curb costs for cancer patients taking oral chemotherapy.
  • Baldwin responded: “A vote is a vote. And Leah Vukmir voted with insurance companies to prevent oral chemo from being covered. I don’t know how you can run away from the vote.”

TAYLOR SWIFT SPARKS VOTER REG WAVE. CNN reports that has seen 65,000 voter registrations (roughly 10x their daily registrations last month) since the pop star endorsed Phil Bredesen in an instagram post and encouraged her followers to register and vote.

  • SHE’S NOT ALONE:  NextGen America tells the Tampa Bay Times that they registered 50,000 Floridians alone ahead of the 2018 elections.
  • TEXAS, TOO:  The Hill reports that a record number of Texans have registered to vote this year.

$350,000 RICK SCOTT DONOR TARGETED BY FEDERAL INVESTIGATION.  From Florida Playbook, another example of how Rick Scott prioritizes his own bottom line and political fortunes above Floridians:

  • A North Carolina investor targeted in a federal investigation of “drug offenses, crimes against financial institutions, or money laundering crimes” has emerged as one of Florida’s largest individual Republican political donors this election cycle, giving to a range of officials and sending $350,000 to committees supporting Senate candidate Gov. Rick Scott.Businessman Greg Lindberg, whose companies are at the center of the federal probe, gave campaign cash to dozens of Florida politicians and political committees over an eight-month span.

Read the whole thing.


AZ – The DSCC IE asks of Congresswoman McSally, “Why would you believe anything she says?”

FL – Senate Majority PAC targets Rick Scott for breaking his promise and cutting public education.

IN – Mike Braun says his company’s health care is a model for the nation.  See how he fired one of his workers for getting sick and stuck him with the bill in “Mistreated”.

OH – Sherrod Brown takes on China over tainted dog treats in “Our Friends”.

TN – Former high-ranking women of the Bredesen administration set the record straight about his zero-tolerance policy.


AZ – Women Vote! launches a seven-figure Spanish language ad on (what else) healthcare.
FL – NextGen America registers 50,000 Floridians ahead of the midterms.
MN – Senator Smith introduces legislation to tackle childcare shortages
MO – After spearheading the program, Senator McCaskill attended and applauded a ceremony for new graduates of the Jackson County Drug Court Class.
ND – The Bismarck Tribune reports on Heidi Heitkamp and Kevin Cramer’s energy policies.
TN – USA Today reports that “In the farm belt and manufacturing hubs, tariffs and trade turn into election issues.”
TN – Nonpartisan Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero endorses Phil Bredesen.
WI – Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans endorses Tammy Baldwin.

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