SENATE REPUBLICANS CUT UNEMPLOYMENT RELIEF, WON’T FUND STATE & LOCAL AID. After a two-week break and then wasting days bickering among themselves, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans let emergency unemployment relief expire, leaving more than 30 million Americans without an essential lifeline that has helped feed their families, pay the rent or mortgage and provide a bridge through this crisis. Senate Republicans have now introduced a plan that would not only gut these essential benefits, but would also replace them with a proposal that could take FIVE months to implement. The Republicans’ proposal also hangs cash-strapped state and local governments out to dry with no new aid as they face “fiscal crisis.”

WHAT THEY’RE READING: REPUBLICANS FACING BRUTAL LOCAL HEADLINES AS THEY LET UNEMPLOYMENT RELIEF EXPIRE. Check out what voters in Senate battlegrounds have been reading in their local news as McConnell and Washington Republicans rolled out their plan to gut emergency unemployment relief:

  • AK – Anchorage Daily News: With congressional action unclear, jobless Alaskans face more hardship if extra unemployment benefits expire
  • AL – Loss of unemployment benefit could devastate thousands in Alabama
  • AZ – Arizona Republic: Arizonans set record for expanded jobless benefit claims as program’s expiration looms 
  • CO – Denver Post: “Frightening.” “Terrifying.” Coloradans brace for fiscal fallout as federal $600 weekly unemployment aid ends
  • GA – Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia economy braces for impact as pandemic jobless payment ends
  • IA – Des Moines Register: Extra money for jobless Iowans about to run out, leaving them wondering how they’ll get by 
  • KS – KSHB: Unemployed workers hope lawmakers extend weekly federal payments
  • KY – WDRB: Loss of $600 weekly unemployment boost called ‘devastating’ 
  • ME – News Center Maine: Mainers fear losing $600 unemployment benefit as GOP senators propose cutting to $200
  • MI – MLive: ‘I just need a little more time:’ Unemployed workers hope lawmakers find way to replace expiring $600 benefit 
  • MS – WDAM: Some unemployment benefits ending soon for Mississippians 
  • MT – KBZK: Concerns grow over federal unemployment benefit deadline
  • NC – Durham Herald-Sun (Letter): Senate Republicans dawdled. Now unemployment and rent protection benefits will expire. 
  • SC – Charleston Post & Courier: Unemployed workers set to lose extra $600. It could cost SC economy $120 million per week.
  • TX – Houston Chronicle: With extra $600 in unemployment set to expire, many face hardship as pandemic worsens in Texas

GOP SENATORS ATTACKED OBAMA OVER EBOLA, BUT PRAISE TRUMP ON BOTCHED CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE. When the Republican Senators up for reelection ran in 2014, they didn’t waste a moment criticizing former President Obama when four Americans contracted Ebola. Now, with more than 4 million coronavirus cases and nearly 147,000 deaths, Senate Republicans are praising President Trump and admitted they’ve worked “hand in glove with the Trump administration.” CNN: Senate GOP candidates attacked Obama over Ebola but defend Trump on coronavirus pandemic

3 YEARS AFTER FAILED ACA REPEAL VOTES, SENATE REPUBLICANS STILL TRYING TO TAKE AWAY HEALTH CARE FROM AMERICANS. It’s the three-year anniversary of Senate Republicans trying — and failing — to repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but not much has changed: vulnerable GOP senators and candidates are still trying to eliminate health care coverage. Not only are Republican incumbents on the record voting to repeal the health care law without providing a feasible alternative, in the middle of a deadly global pandemic, Republicans have kept special enrollment for ACA health exchanges closed and are plowing forward with their lawsuit to end protections for pre-existing conditions.  

SENATOR DAVID PERDUE RUNS ANTI-SEMITIC AD AGAINST JON OSSOFF, WON’T APOLOGIZE. After running an anti-Semitic Facebook ad that graphic design experts confirmed “lengthened and widened” Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff’s nose “even as other parts of his face stayed the same size and proportions,” vulnerable incumbent Senator David Perdue’s campaign blamed others instead of taking responsibility and apologizing. Perdue owes Georgians an explanation for why he still hasn’t apologized for the ad.

NRSC & GARDNER LIE TO FIRESTONE SURVIVOR, LEAVE “HORRIFYING” AD ON AIR. A week after the survivor of a tragedy that took her husband and brother asked the NRSC to remove their “horrifying” attack ad in Colorado, the NRSC said it would come down. That was a lie. The ad that independent fact checkers have ruled is misleading has run more than 500 times and continues airing — but Senator Gardner has said nothing. After waiting days to return a call from the survivor herself, Gardner issued a weak comment and now won’t demand the organization he ran last cycle to stop running the vile attack. 

NEW MORNING CONSULT SENATE POLLS: DEMS LEAD IN AZ, CO, MI, NC, WITHIN MARGIN IN GA. A new round of polling from Morning Consult shows Democrats leading in Senate races in key battleground states of Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, and North Carolina, and within the margin in the highly competitive race between Jon Ossoff and Senator Perdue in Georgia. Read more

SC INTERNAL POLL: GRAHAM & HARRISON IN “STATISTICAL TIE.” A new internal poll from the Jaime Harrison campaign released on Monday showed Harrison and Senator Lindsey Graham in a statistical tie, with Graham only ahead by two points (43% to 41%). This latest poll comes after Harrison shattered fundraising records in Q2, raising nearly $14 million and nonpartisan election analysts shifted their race ratings in Democrats’ favor. DON’T MISS THIS: Washington Post (Opinion): Jaime Harrison is chasing Lindsey Graham like a cheetah running down an impala


NM – In his latest ad, Congressman Ben Ray Luján highlights his work in Congress to support New Mexico small businesses struggling to stay afloat during COVID-19.


AZ – Arizona Republic: Pandemic, pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs: Health care a defining issue in McSally-Kelly Senate race

ME – Maine Beacon: Collins backs COVID-19 corporate immunity as Senate seeks broad shield for large firms

MT – Missoulian (LTE): Bullock puts needs of Montanans first

NC – WRAL: Editorial: Don’t shame unemployed; benefits must sustain families


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