“ITS TRIPLE TROUBLE FOR REPUBLICANS ON HEALTH CARE.” The Washington Post’s Health 202 laid out just how unpopular the Republican health care agenda has been this cycle and how Democrats are “running full-steam ahead on” holding them accountable:

  1. They failed to achieve a pair of coveted goals — namely, repealing Obamacare and slashing entitlement spending — despite controlling both the White House and Congress for two years.
  2.  That has not stopped Democrats from pummeling them over this unaccomplished GOP to-do list and possibly seizing back control of the House.
  3. Just as Republicans are trying to back away from the issue, polls show that health care tops the list of voters’ worries heading into Election Day — Democrats hold an edge in which party is more trusted to tackle the issue.

But despite their failed agenda….

REPUBLICANS VOW TO CONTINUE HEALTHCARE SABOTAGE. The jig is up. After months of Republican Senate candidates working overtime to cover up their toxic healthcare records, Mitch McConnell blew their cover in an interview with Reuters where he said “Republicans could try again to repeal Obamacare if they win enough seats in U.S. elections next month,” and called “a failed 2017 push to repeal the health care law a “disappointment:”

  • The Washington Post: “If we had the votes to completely start over, we’d do it. But that depends on what happens in a couple weeks. … We’re not satisfied with the way Obamacare is working,” McConnell said.”
  • HuffPost: “Whether Republicans would succeed, of course, is another question. Repeal proved to be spectacularly unpopular and the votes that House Republicans took in favor of their bill are now hurting them politically ― so much so that, all across the country, Republicans who supported repeal are now insisting, falsely, they never tried to take away the law’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions.”

Our take: “Republican Senate candidates have been lying on the campaign trail about their promise to protect pre-existing conditions – and Mitch McConnell just blew their cover.  The GOP won’t stop until they’ve further hiked premiums for millions of Americans, eliminated coverage for preexisting conditions, and charged older Americans more for care, all so they can please their billionaire donors.  Make no mistake: Republican Senators and Senate candidates have made their priorities clear: a vote for them is a vote against your health care, your Social Security and your Medicare.”

“DEMS GO ON OFFENSE AGAINST GOP LAWSUIT ON PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS.” While Republican Senate Candidates continue to fall in line with their party’s attempts to gut protections for pre-existing conditions coverage, Democrats are holding them accountable. Here’s what they’re saying:

  • The Hill: “In many states, Democrats are using Paxton’s lawsuit as a cudgel against some of the attorneys general who signed on — and who are now seeking higher office.”

    “Morrisey, West Virginia’s attorney general, was one of eighteen Republicans who joined Paxton’s suit. So did Josh Hawley, Missouri’s attorney general and now the GOP nominee against Sen. Claire McCaskill (D).”
  • POLITIFACT: “.It is 100 percent true that Republicans are not meeting the Affordable Care Act standard. And they are not trying to.”
  • AP: “Hawley is not the only Republican who has had to defend their support for repealing Obama’s health care law while simultaneously trying to explain how they would preserve its protections for people with pre-existing conditions…Mike Braun, the Republican challenging Democratic U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly in Indiana, supports the GOP lawsuit while also saying Republicans should support legislation that protects pre-existing coverage. That made for a pointed moment in a recent debate.”

KSDK FACT-CHECKS JOSH HAWLEY’S LIES. In yet another blow to Josh Hawley’s lies about protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions, KSDK determined that his promises are empty saying “even if everything Josh Hawley says is true and they pass an insurance guarantee for pre-existing conditions, it would take years for that law to take effect. That means, with Hawley’s plan, those with pre-existing conditions could still go years without coverage if Obamacare is repealed immediately.”

MONTINI COLUMN: MCSALLY’S R-RATED HEALTH CARE RANT HAUNTS HER. The Arizona Republic’s EJ Montini slammed Congresswoman Martha McSally for attempting to cover up her dangerous record on health care saying “She says it is a lie to say the plan she pushed so vehemently would have forced those with preexisting conditions to lose insurance. She said such people were protected. Only they weren’t. The “protection” was a sham.”

ARIZONA DAILY STAR BACKS SINEMA. Martha McSally’s hometown paper, which endorsed her most recent Congressional campaign,  threw its support to Kyrsten Sinema for Senate:

  • Martha McSally’s Arizona follows the Trump agenda, embraces tax cuts for the wealthy, values veterans, wants a border wall, seeks to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and is itching for a fight on trade, tariffs, immigration, foreign relations and the environment.
  • Kyrsten Sinema’s Arizona is more pragmatic than ideological, unafraid to change, concerned about health-care affordability and access, values veterans, supports local law enforcement assisting federal immigration authorities, and is inclined to work together rather than draw battle lines
  • On health care, she talked about how working with others takes compromise, but that the discussion must begin with clear and defined principles to build on. “You don’t just show up with a plan,” she said.
  • And, when discussing her evolution from the left toward the center-left, Sinema was thoughtful and refreshing in a time when fidelity to an ideology or personality is a litmus test of worthiness: “I am committed to learning and growing,” she said. “I have changed. It has definitely been a process.
  • “I would hope we would expect our leaders to learn and grow,” Sinema said.
  • We agree. And for this reason, and others, we endorse Kyrsten Sinema for the U.S. Senate.

UNIONVILLE TIMES ENDORSES BOB CASEY. Bob Casey earned an endorsement from the Unionville Times which cited his role as a “voice on a broad range of middle of the road, common sense policies, a rarity in today’s polarized political environment” and contrasting it with Congressman Lou Barletta’s “troubling streak of nativism and disregard for federal authority.”

“NICK SABAN, JERRY WEST, AND BOB HUGGINS ENDORSE JOE MANCHIN.” Politico reports that “Saban, NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West and West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins all star in the 30 second spot aptly called “Coaches,” in which they endorse Joe Manchin and praise him for his record of putting West Virginia first. Watch:

KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL ENDORSES BREDESEN. Phil Bredesen received an endorsement from the Knoxville News Sentinel which praised him for his “fair-mindedness, independence and civility” and said ”they make him the right choice to don Tennessee’s historic mantle of statesmanship in the U.S. Senate.”

BREDESEN LEADING BLACKBURN IN NEW POLL. As Phil Bredesen continues to barnstorm Tennessee, a new Vanderbilt poll shows he’s leading Marsha Blackburn 44-43.

MORRISSEY USES “CLEVER WAY” TO SKIRT CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAW. Like his fellow Republican Senate candidates Mike Braun and Matt Rosendale, Greenwire reports that Patrick Morrisey used “a clever way” to allow  “The two cousins who help run Pennsylvania mining services firm Lee Supply Co. Inc., Shawn and Kevin Lee” to skirt the individual contributions cap and give more money to his campaign.

HEADLINE: HELLER PUSHED RENO VA TO USE UNPROVEN “BRAINWAVE FREQUENCY” TREATMENT. The Nevada Independent and ProPublica co-published a stunning report that  Dean Heller “pushed doctors at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Reno to adopt an experimental mental health treatment marketed by a company with ties to his office.”

As if that weren’t troubling enough, the treatment “co-sponsored a bill directing the VA to start a pilot program on CereCare’s procedure. Another of CereCare’s partners, Judi Kosterman, participated in drafting the legislation, she said in an interview. Kosterman described herself as CereCare’s expert on the procedure, and her business card identified her as “Dr.” She is not a physician and her doctorate is in education, according to official records.”

POLITIFACT RULES THAT LEAH VUKMIR OPPOSES BUY AMERICAN LEGISLATION. Politifact reports that Leah Vukmir opposes Buy American legislation saying “her opposition to ‘big-labor mandates and giveaways that drive up infrastructure costs’” and work in the Wisconsin State Senate to “vote down a move that would have included “Made in America” provisions in the state budget” contribute to her opposition.

FL – Bill Nelson’s ad “Got Rich,” explains why Floridians can’t trust Rick Scott to look out for anyone but himself.

NM – Martin Heinrichs new ad “Labs and Bases,” touts his work to strengthen New Mexico’s labs and bases and bolster the state’s economy

NV – Jacky Rosen launched “We Need That,” where Nevadans speak to Rosen’s tireless efforts to improve the state’s VA, education and health care.

OH – In “Rita,” an Ohioan details how Sherrod Brown personally cared for her family after the Financial Crisis and then sponsored a bill in her late husband’s honor.

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VA-Augusta Free Press: Kaine pushes Trump administration to protect students from lead in drinking water

WV-AP: Sen. Joe Manchin extols bipartisan work in op-ed pieces

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