VIDEO: REPUBLICANS PRAISING TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE, STILL HAVEN’T HELD HIM ACCOUNTABLE FOR “INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING AMERICANS.” The DSCC released a new video calling out Senate Republicans for praising Trump and refusing to hold him accountable after a bombshell report last week revealed that the president knew how dangerous the pandemic was but “intentionally” misled Americans. Reminder: Senate Republicans have already refused to hold the Trump administration accountable for botching the response, ignoring warnings, failing to ramp up testing, and allowing the coronavirus to “silently spread” throughout the United States for weeks while telling Americans the virus will just “go away.” Instead, they’ve praised the president and bragged that they’ve worked “hand in glove” with the White House. WATCH:

NEW ANALYSIS: REPUBLICANS FACE A BATTLE TO MAINTAIN CONTROL OF THE SENATE. A new Washington Post analysis of the Senate map finds that Republicans face a “battle” to hold onto their Senate majority because there are “13 chances… for Democrats to flip Senate seats and just two for Republicans.” Arizona and Colorado have been placed in the “more likely to flip than not” category, and all five “toss-ups” – North Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Georgia, and Montana – are states where strong Democratic challengers have put Republican incumbents on defense. Democrats have also expanded the map of competitive Senate battlegrounds to include the Georgia special election, South Carolina, Texas, Kansas, Kentucky, and Alaska — races where Republicans never anticipated having to compete at the beginning of the cycle. Washington Post: Analysis | The Senate seats most likely to flip in November

VULNERABLE GOP SENATORS TRY TO “OBSCURE” THEIR HEALTH CARE POSITIONS. A new NBC News report takes a look at how vulnerable Senate Republicans are running TV ads insisting they’ll protect pre-existing conditions coverage, a claim that is “at odds with their own recent votes and policy positions.” The report highlights recent ads from Senators Cory Gardner, Martha McSally, David Perdue, and Steve Daines where the vulnerable incumbents pledge to protect people with pre-existing conditions. The reality is all four of them have voted to gut the health care law that guarantees those protections and have enabled the ongoing GOP lawsuit to strike down the entire law in the middle of a pandemic. Their desperate attempt to rewrite their toxic records with ads that have been fact-checked as false and misleading is the latest example of why health care remains a massive “political liability” for Republicans that “could help determine control of the Senate.” NBC News: Republican senators in tough races obscure their position on pre-existing conditions

REPORT: EVEN BEFORE THE PANDEMIC, 1 MILLION AMERICANS LOST HEALTH INSURANCE LAST YEAR. A new Washington Post analysis found that one million Americans lost health insurance last year, a number that “has steadily climbed this year under the pandemic.” The “continued slow erosion of the nation’s insured rate” is a result of “repeated attempts by President Trump and Republicans to undermine” the Affordable Care Act. And now, in the middle of a pandemic “the trickle of coverage losses has become a flood.” Despite the millions of Americans out of work and without health coverage, Senate Republicans are plowing ahead with their toxic health care agenda. Washington Post: Analysis | The Health 202: One million Americans lost health insurance last year

FACT CHECK: GARDNER’S AD MAKES FALSE CLAIM THAT HE’S TRYING TO PROTECT PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. A fact check from the Colorado Times Recorder found that Senator Cory Garder’s latest ad “falsely claims that his legislation, introduced last month, will protect people with pre-existing conditions if Obamacare is repealed.” The bill that Gardner references in the ad “does not require insurance companies to provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions” and has been exposed as a sham “political document.” The ad is Senator Gardner’s latest desperate attempt to paper over his toxic health care record. Colorado Times Recorder: FACT CHECK: In Ad, Gardner Makes False Claim That He’s Trying to Protect People With Pre-Existing Conditions

GREENFIELD RENEWS CALL FOR ERNST TO PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE FOR RECKLESS COVID COMMENTS. Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield renewed her call for Senator Joni Ernst to issue a public apology to Iowa’s health care heroes after she irresponsibly embraced debunked conspiracy theories and “insulted” health care workers. Ernst has refused to publicly apologize for her reckless, disqualifying comments, receiving blistering criticism from across the state. Iowa editorial boards eviscerated Ernst for the incident, writing that her “baseless comments followed by a refusal to firmly walk them back and apologize are another example showing she is not fit to represent Iowans in Washington, D.C.” Senator Ernst has consistently mishandled this public health crisis by downplaying the virus, spreading misinformation, opposing a mask mandate despite White House task force and expert warnings, and attending crowded events without wearing a mask.

NEW POLL: MCSALLY STILL LOSING TO KELLY. A new OH Predictive Insights poll shows Navy combat veteran and retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly continues to lead Senator Martha McSally. The worst news for McSally? The unelected Senator, “having now campaigned for three years, has not yet made the sale with Arizona’s moderate and independent voters – the ones who will decide this race.” These probably aren’t the numbers McSally wanted to see as her challenges continue to pile up in this race. Arizona Republic (Opinion): Laurie Roberts: Arizona Sen. Martha McSally is now down 10 points to Mark Kelly


AZ – Mark Kelly’s latest ad highlights his commitment to fighting for Arizona seniors, a contrast from Washington politicians like Senator Martha McSally who are attacking Social Security and Medicare. Watch

NH – Senator Jeanne Shaheen released a new ad discussing her work to get New Hampshire relief to help during the opioid crisis. Watch


CO – Colorado Springs Independent (Editorial): Opinion: The Trump and Gardner (green)washing machine

CO – Colorado Times Recorder: In Contrast to Trump, Hickenlooper, Neguse Trust Scientists on Wildfires, Climate Change

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ME – Maine Beacon: Collins claims she’s ‘consistent’ in seating judges, but analysis shows conservative bias

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