DSCC Releases New TV Ad in NV Senate Race: “Our Turn”

Today the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a new television advertisement in Nevada’s Senate race: “Our Turn.”

The spot features testimonials from Nevadans with pre-existing conditions taking Senator Heller to task for breaking his promise to protect Nevadans’ health care — caving to political pressure and corporate interests and voting for the GOP health care agenda to eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions coverage.

Our Turn

The ad will begin airing today as part of the DSCC’s previously announced reservation.


Mike: I have diabetes.

Jessica:  I have stage four cancer.

Rosie: I have asthma

Jessica: Dean Heller, I was at the town hall when you promised to protect our health care.

Mike: But then he broke his promise.

Rosie: And voted to gut protections for pre-existing conditions.

Emily: And sold out the people of Nevada.

Mike: He just caved to political pressure and the corporate interests that fund his campaign.

Jessica: This may just be politics to him, but we’re fighting for our lives.

Mike: Dean Heller, you voted against us.

Rosie: It’s our turn to vote against you.

Narrator: DSCC is responsible for the content of this ad.





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