DSCC Releases New Video on McConnell, Republican Senators’ Position That States Should Go Bankrupt

New Video Highlights Vulnerable GOP Incumbents’ Refusal to Condemn McConnell’s Comment Despite State Budget Shortfalls, Warnings from Governors on Cuts to Essential Services

Today, the DSCC released a new digital video spotlighting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s unpopular position that the federal government should let states “use the bankruptcy route” instead of providing desperately needed funding to state and local governments. Instead of standing up for their states, vulnerable Republican incumbent senators are staying silent or falling in line with McConnell. Meanwhile, Democratic and Republican governors have blasted McConnell’s position and urged Congress to pass funding for essential services like emergency response, health care workers, and education. 

Here’s what these Republican senators had to say about McConnell’s reckless position that states should go bankrupt during a public health crisis:

  • Sen. Martha McSally (AZ): “This is not the time” for state and local relief. A McSally spokesperson told the Arizona Republic that the senator’s remarks, which were made on a tele-town hall with constituents, “were not intended to be made public.” [Arizona Republic, 5/7/20]
  • Sen. Cory Gardner (CO) and Sen. Steve Daines (MT): “[D]id not respond or declined to comment.” [CNN, 4/24/20]
  • Sen. Thom Tillis (NC): “I’m more or less aligned with Leader McConnell on the issue” [The Daily Beast, 4/24/20]

“These Republican senators are supposed to fight for their states, but they’re once again putting their Washington party leaders first,” said DSCC spokesperson Helen Kalla. “This blind partisan loyalty at the expense of constituents back home is exactly what voters despise about Washington, and it’s why they’ll vote these Senate Republicans out in November.”

WATCH: McConnell, GOP Position States Should Go Bankrupt


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