DSCC Releases New Video On Ron Johnson: “White Board”

Video highlights how Johnson changed and sold Wisconsinites out to his special interest donors

As the Wisconsin Senate general election begins, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is releasing a new video, “White Board,” using Johnson’s own words to highlight how he’s changed and lost touch with the concerns of Wisconsin’s working families.

Watch “White Board”:

From DSCC spokesperson Amanda Sherman Baity: “During Johnson’s twelve years in Washington D.C. he’s changed, lost touch with the state he’s supposed to represent, and it’s become clear he’s only focused on helping himself and his special interest donors at Wisconsinites expense – and that’s exactly why Wisconsin voters will fire him in 2022.”

Earlier today, the DSCC released its first general election TV and digital advertising campaign against Johnson, highlighting how he has lost touch with the state and is only focused on his own agenda – while Wisconsin’s working families pay the price.

Here’s what to know about Senator Ron Johnson:

Johnson’s Lost Touch With Wisconsin – And Working Families Are Paying The Price.

  • He voted against capping the price of insulin to $35.

Johnson Spent His Time in D.C. Enriching Himself And His Political Donors.

  • The Associated Presswrote that “Johnson…pushed for a tax break in 2017 resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in deductions to megadonors who funded his campaigns,” and The Guardianwrote that he “personally benefited from a change in tax law that he sought.”

Johnson’s Views Are Out Of Step With Wisconsinites.

  • Johnson called the Supreme Court decision that effectively ended abortion in Wisconsin a “really good decision,” bragged about confirming the Supreme Court judges who overturned Roe v. Wade, and said taking away medical decisions from millions of Wisconsinites would just be “a little messy.”


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