DSCC: Senate Republicans Own Every Miserable Consequence Of Their Shutdown

**Similar releases were sent to AK, AZ, CO, IA, KY, ME, MT, NC, TX & WV**

Following the U.S. House vote to end the GOP’s government shutdown, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein released the following statement:

“Senate Republicans own every miserable consequence of their pointless shutdown and those up for election this cycle have a choice: join Democrats in reopening the government by passing the legislation they’ve already supported or give voters another reason to throw them out of office in 2020.”

Here’s what they’re saying about the GOP’s government shutdown in battleground Senate states:

AK: ALASKA PUBLIC MEDIA:  “Government shutdown, if it continues, could cost Alaska’s lucrative Bering Sea fisheries.”

AZ: KOLD: “Visitors disappointed to see the impact of the partial government shutdown at Saguaro National Park.”

CO: DENVER POST: “‘We should be at work’: Furloughed federal employees in Colorado bemoan uncertainty of government shutdown.”

IA: DES MOINES REGISTER: “The following USDA activities would not be continued and would be shut down in an orderly fashion during a government funding lapse. These activities include: […] farm loans and some farm payments (including direct payments, market assistance loans, market facilitation payments and disaster assistance programs).”

KS: KAKE: “While many are enjoying the Christmas holiday, some government workers are worrying about their next paycheck […] they’re among the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who don’t know when they’ll receive their next paycheck. They’re being told it won’t come until the shutdown is lifted.”

KY: COURIER-JOURNAL: “The state farm center in Lexington, as well as 64 local centers, will close. This leaves farmers unable to receive assistance in signing up for new programs under the recently passed Farm Bill.”

LA: FOX 8: “The Rural Development Office remains closed, meaning people seeking to buy a home outside the Baton Rouge city limits who qualify for a rural development loan must wait for the shutdown to end.”

ME: NEWS CENTER MAINE: “Hundreds of United States Coast Guard families stationed in Maine are scrambling to get by because personnel are now working without pay. ‘It’s very scary to know bills are due in a few days and people don’t care if we can pay them,’ Lindsay Scott said.”

MT: THE MISSOULIAN: “Government shutdown in Montana will hit national parks, forests, tribes hardest.”

NC: THE FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER: “Cooper said the shutdown could delay U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funding that will help North Carolina with long-term hurricane recovery and rebuilding efforts.”

TX: AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN: “Texans looking to obtain a small business loan also could be affected by the shutdown. Civilian employees at Fort Hood were affected by the shutdown in January.”

WV: METRO NEWS: “Office of Surface Mining is open for emergencies only […]  The office, which is responsible for ensuring that citizens and the environment are protected during coal mine surface activities, will mostly be closed.”



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