DSCC Statement On Johnson & Rubio’s Repeated Refusal To Raise Debt Ceiling, Jeopardizing Social Security & Millions of American Jobs

In response to vulnerable incumbent Sens. Johnson and Rubio once again voting against raising the debt ceiling –– jeopardizing Social Security payments and millions of American jobs –– Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson Jazmin Vargas issued the following statement:

“All Rubio and Johnson need to do is pay our country’s bills, just like American families do every day –– but instead they are playing dangerous political games that are imperiling our economy, risking millions of jobs and jeopardizing seniors’ Social Security. If Rubio and Johnson continue down this path, they will own the horrific consequences of defaulting and ruining America’s full faith and credit and in 2022 voters will hold them accountable.” 

Johnson and Rubio’s refusal to raise the debt ceiling could cost millions of jobs, cut Social Security, and plunge the U.S. into a recession.

See also: Washington Post: The nation faces financial calamity. Republicans will be to blame; Tampa Bay Times: Blocking the debt ceiling is a reckless move by Senate Republicans; Up North News: Johnson and Senate GOP’s Debt Ceiling Vote Could Spell Trouble for US, World Economy.


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