DSCC Statement on Mehmet Oz Reportedly Entering “Churning” PA GOP Senate Primary

CNN: “This crowd is so big and unknown

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “With Parnell exit, Senate race an ‘open event’ for GOP

Today Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson Patrick Burgwinkle released the following statement:

“Mehmet Oz’s campaign announcement demonstrates the chaos which is engulfing Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary. The influx of unqualified, untested and wealthy Republican candidates in this race will intensify the viciousness of their intra-party fight and leave their ultimate nominee badly out of step with Pennsylvania’s general election voters. The GOP will find Oz is no miracle cure for their mounting problems in this primary.”

What they’re saying about the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary:

  • CNN: ‘This crowd is so big and unknown.’ “Pennsylvania Republicans are more perplexed that Oz, an Ohio-born doctor who attended medical school in Philadelphia and lives in New Jersey, is considering a run.”


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