DSCC Statement on Texas’ Six-Week Abortion Ban

In response to Texas’ six-week abortion ban going into effect, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokeswoman Jazmin Vargas released the following statement:

“This attack on women’s health care is a powerful reminder of the stakes in next year’s election — and why we must defend a Democratic Senate majority with the power to confirm or reject Supreme Court justices. The freedom for women to make our own health care decisions is on the ballot in 2022, and the contrast between the parties on this issue is crystal clear: while Senate Democrats are committed to protecting and expanding access to affordable health care for women and families, Republicans have shown they’ll use every tool they can, from the courts to Congress, to try and strip away health care coverage from women and families.”


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Republicans’ latest attacks on abortion rights are a powerful reminder of the stakes in the 2022 election. We must…

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