Five Questions Failed Senate Candidate John James Needs To Answer

Fresh off a 6.5-point loss last year, failed candidate John James is launching a second campaign for Senate — despite the fact that “within some corners of Trumpworld, there is a concern” about another James candidacy. Since his last loss, James has been caught trying to scrub his social media accounts of hundreds of posts, raising questions about his toxic record and demonstrating why Michiganders will reject him yet again.

“Before he can make the case to Michiganders about why they shouldn’t reject him for a second time, John James will have to explain what he’s trying to hide,” said DSCC spokesman Stewart Boss. “No matter what excuse he comes up with for deleting his record of supporting Washington politicians ahead of what’s right for Michigan, voters have no reason to trust him.”

Here are just five of the many questions that failed candidate John James needs to answer about his harmful agenda:

  1. Why did you delete hundreds of social media posts – including a video pledging “2,000 percent” support for President Trump’s agenda – just days after losing your last Senate race?
  2. Do you stand behind President Trump’s tariffs even though they stand to devastate Michigan’s auto industry and experts say they will cost Michigan billions and our state will be among one of the hardest impacted?
  3. Republicans and President Trump are behind a lawsuit to gut coverage for Michiganders with pre-existing conditions and eliminate other protections, including maternity care and allowing children to remain on their parents’ health insurance until age 26. Do you stand with them to support the lawsuit?
  4. Why did you back President Trump’s budget that slashed funding for the Great Lakes, and then say you would vote against a bipartisan proposal to protect the Great Lakes?
  5. When asked if abortion should be permitted in cases of rape or incest, you said “the focus should be given to maintaining and protecting life.” Do you not believe in those exceptions?


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