Four Months In, Democratic Party Committees Condemn Facebook’s Indefinite Political Ads Ban

DSCC Executive Director Christie Roberts and DCCC Executive Director Tim Persico issued the following statement on Facebook’s continued refusal to lift their post-election ban on political ads:

“It’s been four months since the November 2020 election, and Facebook is still refusing to commit to a clear date for ending this misguided ban on political ads. Facebook’s routine failure to hold bad actors accountable and stop dangerous disinformation from spreading organically across their platform puts voters in harm’s way. This reckless and haphazard policy has made it harder for campaigns and organizations that do provide accurate information to voters and engage with them in good faith, and it hinders communities of color in particular from fully participating in the democratic process. The ability to reach grassroots supporters on these platforms is more important now than ever before. Continuing to block political ads indefinitely — with zero transparency and no credible explanation behind this decision — helps Republican politicians at the expense of our democracy.”

It’s been four months now since Facebook admitted to their plans to extend a post-election ban on political ads, and in that time the platform has yet to provide any further clarity behind their reasoning or a clear timeline of when to expect political ads to return. Google already lifted its ban on political ads last week.


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