ICYMI: Dr. Oz Has a Long History of Being Extremely Creepy to—and About—Women [Jezebel]

Please note: the following article contains graphic videos and statements from Oz.


Jezebel: Dr. Oz Has a Long History of Being Extremely Creepy to—and About—Women

Pennsylvania, do you want to elect a man who’s described his penis in detail on television?

By Kylie Cheung

August 2, 2022

Key Points:

  • In between getting mercilessly dunked upon by his opponent, John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s Republican candidate for Senate, Mehmet Oz, spends his time being extremely creepy to women.

  • He once founded an app that can possibly track abortion patients (and that is still live today), and throughout his years in the public eye—in interviews, at campaign events, and of course in his years of hosting The Dr. Oz Show—he’s had a pattern of making sexual, highly uncomfortable comments to or about women, ranging from calling his wife “an animal” in bed, to describing his genitals in detail, to asking Martha Stewart point-blank, “What is sex like at your age?”

  • At this critical moment for abortion (and women’s rights in general)… something tells me that a man obsessed with appraising other men’s wives’ hotness (a habit that bears a horrific resemblance to a previous president-slash-sexual-assaulter) and singling out women at his campaign events for their “smile” isn’t exactly going to be the champion we need—especially when Oz, after years of flip-flopping, is decidedly anti-abortion and has spent much of his life pushing harmful health myths.

  • Read on for further creepy comments from the Republican (and noted New Jersey resident) that Pennsylvania voters should keep in mind.

    • Watching [her] pretty smile the whole” event. At an April campaign event, Oz took a question from a female attendee—but not before telling her, “I’ve been watching your pretty smile the whole time.” Maybe…don’t tell your women supporters you’ve been creeping on them??

    • Asking you to picture him next to you in bed “doing exactly what you want him to do.” In his final pitch to Pennsylvania primary voters in May, Oz took an, uh, unorthodox approach in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show… His solution to these very real issues? Picture him in bed, servicing you! “So, when you go to bed at night, put your head on that soft pillow, you know, Oz will be doing exactly what you want him to do, if you’re there next to him,” he said.

    • Saying he’s turned on by his own magazine covers. One thing men should not do is talk about their penis or masturbation habits unprompted. Apparently, Oz hasn’t gotten the memo on this: Following a cover shoot featuring Oz holding a bowl of pasta in 2012, a TMZ reporter confronted and informed him “everybody’s talking about your bulge.” His response? “Don’t you pay attention? I’m holding a bowl of pasta. It was very exciting to me to do that. And next thing I know it’s on the cover shot.”

    • Being the creepiest “wife guy” of all. I can appreciate a passionate “wife guy” but Oz takes the bit too far—like, way too far. In a 2012 interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush (you remember him!), Oz called his wife “an animal,” who always “wants it” (at least “three times a week”)… While promoting a mattress cooler on his show in 2010, he got into bed with a guest, lay next to her, caressed her, and said her husband would be “enjoying himself” if he were in Oz’s position.

    • Forcing us to picture his penis. In 2014, on The Dr. Oz Show, he offered a pretty graphic description of his penis and testicles, showing a guest a model set of male genitalia and at one point asking them to squeeze one of the balls: “Mine goes to the left. The penis bends to where the testicle is lower. So it actually has room to bend. And that’s a very natural thing to happen. … I brought you something even better. That is a testicle. Here. Now squeeze that.”

    • Getting in bed with a married couple and soliciting the man’s wife. In a 2012 segment on The Dr. Oz Show, Oz literally got into bed with married couples, positioned himself between them, and asked one woman to “just tell me in private, whisper in my ear, what do you wish [your husband] would do differently?”

    • Giving dating advice for men that dehumanizes women. In another Esquire column (Esquire, why??), he advised his readers: “Give her some chocolate. Don’t mention that you’re giving it to her because chocolate contains phenylethylamine, tryptophan, and anandamide, which have been shown to elicit horniness. Women love chocolate.” Not only does this sound like the twisted cousin of a “women be shopping” routine, he apparently thinks women will do whatever you want in exchange for a little treat.

    • Suggesting quarantining couples should just “make some babies.” At the height of the pandemic, when people were losing their lives and livelihoods left and right, Oz prescribed couples who were living together and feeling a bit stressed to “get rid of the tension” by having tons of sex and maybe “[make] some babies” in an interview with TMZ. “If you’re both quarantining and you both have the virus and you’re both healthy, go ahead,” he said.

    • Asking Martha Stewart how sex is for women “at her age.” Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart has already served her time, yet Oz seemed determined to punish her further in a super uncomfortable appearance on The Dr. Oz Show in 2018. At one point, he asked, “Are you looking for love or are you looking for sex?” Then he followed up with, “What is sex like at your age?” Stewart handled the questions as gracefully as someone in her shoes could, responding: “I’m not old, I’m young. See, can you imagine? Dr. Oz, that is terrible… That is pretty awful, to ask a woman that.”


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