ICYMI: How Latinx communities are benefiting from Biden’s economic agenda [Boston Globe]


Boston Globe (Opinion): How Latinx communities are benefiting from Biden’s economic agenda
By Marcela García 
November 22, 2021

Key Points:

  • Consider the stimulus bill’s signs of Latino success: The unemployment rate for Hispanic workers fell from 8.6 percent in January to 5.9 percent in October. 
  • The rescue plan’s expansion of the child tax credit, for which 17 million Latino children are eligible, has shown incredible promise. After the first round of such tax credits were distributed in the summer, the monthly poverty rate for Latinos went down from 22.9 percent in June to 16.8 percent in July. That’s nearly 1.1 million Latino children who were moved out of poverty thanks to Biden’s COVID-19 relief package. And the Build Back Better legislation would extend this significantly enhanced child tax credit through 2022.
  • Then there’s the infrastructure deal, which will create millions of jobs. Construction and transportation are two key sectors with a high concentration of Latinos: They account for 36 percent and 24 percent, respectively, of all workers.
  • Someone should remind Rick Scott about those data points, and the Republicans’ staunch opposition to the stimulus package and Build Back Better bill, when he and others in his party try to argue why Hispanics should vote for the GOP.


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