ICYMI: “McCormick can’t seem to figure out whether he’s for or against China” [Heartland Signal]

New reporting from Heartland Signal highlights that “with another Senate bid in mind,” David McCormick is attempting to “change his tune to align himself with the China hawk rhetoric used to defeat him last year” with his book. 

Last month in response to McCormick’s book launch, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a new book, “Chameleon:” David McCormick’s Real Record, which includes news stories detailing McCormick’s “MAGA Makeover,” his job creation pledge that “was never realized,” and his philosophy that “when China succeeds, the United States succeeds.”


Heartland Signal: David McCormick can’t seem to figure out whether he’s for or against China

By Richard Eberwein 

April 10, 2023

  • In 2020, McCormick appeared in an economic forum where he said that an economic decoupling from China would be detrimental to both sides.
  • [A Super PAC called American Leadership Action targeted McCormick with ads taking] McCormick to task for outsourcing jobs to Asia, which refers to McCormick’s time running a firm in Pittsburgh called FreeMarkets Inc. McCormick allegedly laid off 50 workers and subsequently announced 100 new job openings in India soon after.
  • Despite his heavy economic ties to China, McCormick recently released a book called “Superpower in Peril: A Battleplan to Renew America,” wherein he called the China an “existential threat” and that he “raised alarms about China” for years to no avail in Washington.

  • With another Senate bid in mind, McCormick could be attempting to change his tune in order to align himself with the China hawk rhetoric that Oz used to defeat him last year.

Read more: New York Times: The Art of the MAGA Makeover; Bloomberg: The Bridgewater CEO Who Went Full Maga; 90.5 WESA: David McCormick’s record on job creation may give false impression to Pennsylvania voters; The Philadelphia Inquirer: David McCormick’s longtime praise for China and trade could bite his Pa. Senate run; POLITICO: Republicans are looking for Senate candidates who are filthy rich.


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