ICYMI: Republicans Again on Defense for Failing to Protect Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

Republican Senate candidates are once again on defense for failing to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, either supporting their party’s lawsuit to dismantle the health care law or failing to take action to stop it. The DSCC is running digital ads in key states this week, highlighting Republicans’ records of working to undermine Americans’ health care and their failure to stop their party’s dangerous lawsuit — even though it was their tax giveaway that laid the foundation for this attack.

Read more here on how Democrats are holding Republicans accountable for their latest attack on Americans’ health care:

  • The Hill: Senate Democrats launching digital ads against GOP senators on ObamaCare lawsuit
    • “The ads are another sign of Democrats going on offense over the lawsuit, seeking to return to last year’s winning strategy of attacking Republicans for undermining ObamaCare’s popular pre-existing condition protections. Many Senate Republicans in tough races have tried to walk a fine line on the lawsuit, declining to say whether they support it or oppose it.”
  • Healthcare Dive: Democratic senators call out Trump administration’s plan to dismantle ACA
  • HuffPost: Obamacare Is Going Back On Trial, With Insurance For 20 Million At Stake
  • CNN: Obamacare’s fate will be at stake at 2020 ballot box as well as in court
  • ABC News: Trump creates fresh health care mess for GOP
  • Washington Post: 5th Circuit decision on ACA could create political havoc for GOP
  • New York Times: “Protect Our Care, an advocacy group that supports the law, will start running digital ads this week against Republican senators considered vulnerable next year: Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha McSally of Arizona.”
  • The Hill: “Democrats are using the lawsuit to argue Republicans are a threat to the 20 million people who rely on ObamaCare for health insurance. The lawsuit has proved to be a headache for congressional Republicans seeking to turn the page on their efforts to repeal ObamaCare after the issue helped Democrats win back the House in last year’s midterm elections.”
  • Arizona Republic: Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez “castigated Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., for not supporting the ACA, effectively offering a preview of Democratic attacks to come on health care in her nationally watched 2020 race. ‘We’re here today because one of your senators, Sen. McSally, is complicit in this effort to undermine access to health care for so many people,’ Perez said.”
  • Arizona Family: “Democratic Party Chairman Tom Perez blasted Republican Sen. Martha McSally for her record on healthcare, calling her one half of a ‘duo of doom.’”
  • Charlotte Observer: “With Obamacare on trial, Democrats slam Sen. Thom Tillis over health care”
  • WTVD: Some North Carolinians call on Senator Tillis to take stand against ACA lawsuit
  • Maine Public Radio: Thousands Of Mainers Could Be Affected If Affordable Care Act Is Overturned
  • Bangor Daily News: Ongoing challenge to Affordable Care Act could add to risks for Collins
  • WMUR: Democratic lawmakers warn of serious consequences if ACA overturned
  • MLive: Michigan Democrats ramp up fight to stop Obamacare repeal
  • Michigan Advance: Michigan Democrats come out against lawsuit squashing Obamacare
  • WLUC: Senator Gary Peters takes on Trump administration efforts to repeal Affordable Care Act
  • Iowa Starting Line: “Iowa Voices invested in the six-figure ad buy… to show Iowans how their junior U.S. senator has repeatedly taken votes to put their health insurance in jeopardy.”


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